Wednesday, October 21, 2015

California Dreamin'

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You never remember things my children, so in Memory Alpha, the 486 remembers things for you, so you can occupy your time masturbating or looking in the mirror admiring how wonderful you are.

The California "drought" is an event of liberals mismanagement of Citizen's water, importing millions of Mexicans and Asians using water, and a high pressure ridge in the Pacific over the past several years.

There was such a ridge over the American Southwest in 1988 AD in the year of our Lord. It produced a massive drought. In nature there is an equal and opposite reaction, for what followed was two successive 500 year winters and floods in the American Midwest.

I am not going to discuss HAARP in weather manipulation, but instead the focus is on, the over balance of nature with a real prediction, based upon historical fact.

California is now ablaze as is much of the American west. This takes place because in wet seasons, the Obama ecoterrorists have not allowed clear cutting of forests to provide fire lines and the controlled burning of brush canyons. Moisture creates growth and in droughts it becomes tinder and lightning ignites it in dry weather storms.

Droughts and fires produce dirt which is not protected by roots. What follows droughts are floods, as California and the American southwest are going to when this massive high pressure system breaks down, going to receive an ocean of rain, with horrific storms. That is what history proves.

These storms are going to produce mud slides from all that dirt not being held in place, from Interior Department deliberate mismanagement.

Rain also brings with it something else, and that is weight. Why would weight matter?

Ocean surges from storms, the land being soaked with billions of tons of water, produces a next effect, which you have not factored in yet......and that is the reality that all of that weight and motion is going to multiply the stress on the one thing California is known for, and that is earthquakes.

Logic and historical fact points to the reality, that when the California drought breaks, it will break with floods, which will bring mudslides, and in time, they will produce large earthquakes.

Now let us visit the second tier in this cataclysm, as what rain brings. Rain brings again a flowering of the desert. Quail abound in Biblical proportions. All of those weeds bringing forth seeds, and all of those weeds produce wonderful building material and even more food, and this produces rodents.

In American history, there is a plague lurking beyond bubonic in the American west. It is the Hanta Virus, which is a rodent virus which humans contract when all of these vermin move out of the brush patches and into attics, leaving feces to spawn the disease which kills humans.

So for those praying for an end to the drought, it will arrive, and as they celebrate, they have no idea the maelstrom which will incubate across America causing destruction and death.

Of course the big one will come somewhere in America. California is not the only location, as Missouri holds as epic of catastrophe as New York does. The odds though increase with time as plates must move as the tetonics of earth are alive. There is a crop growing in the California drought, it is flood, mudslide, earthquake and plague, and it will come in a bounty manifold increased, in all the sin which is America.

I realize this is the Lame Cherry again living in the future, and the information will be silently stolen again, and just as it arrives, someone will steal the information exclusively posted here, and appear on some George Noury moment to make profit off of a crisis to good to waste again.

This was my recreation for the moment, now it is back to work.