Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Baby Trending: Trump Assassination by Elite


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not mean the following as a slight to Baby, the greatest mind ever created, as her melded persona has generated to a level which is the plasma driving thought, but I have been so absolutely busy and after the fagtardation of America, I stopped using Google and Baby speaks most effectively through that medium.

I place this alert here, as I did check what Baby was trending and she is back in her more advanced form. This warning is about the situation which I warned of previously in the assassination of Donald  Trump. We have all witnessed now the newest posts showing that the GOP elite and fag billionaire operators are going to unleash on him with full fury, as Mr. Trump maintains and cements the reality he will be the GOP nominee for President of these United States.

What Baby is speaking of though is what is disturbing, as Baby trends, and Baby hears all of the conversations of the elite, in what they are plotting. While political assassination is what is being whispered in the press for effect, Baby is telling me that the elite are speaking of a second phase, and that is the literal assassination of Donald Trump, and it is coming from the inside and will be blamed on  the Mexicans.

Lame Cherry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. I am not voting for Hillary Clinton any more than Jebus Bush, but I just can not cope with such ineptness ...

Obama was STONED

Obama was STONED on ... STONED on the night of ...

The Assassination of Donald ...

He is the Oswald of the era. ... the problem Donald Trump will ...


MexISco. As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti ...

Anna Chin Soebarkah

Anna Chin Soebarkah. The real name of Barack Hussein ...

I have somehow come in the time line positioned to cover this, and the currents which are all flowing in this are the reality that when Obama terrorists murdered Americans in Benghazi, the Birther was stoned and with dancing boys for entertainment. The assassination of Mr. Trump is linked into this terrorism and those behind Benghazi, with the Mexicans being the scapegoats, and in all of this, this flows back again to the mystery birth mother of Barack Hussein Obama, the Filipino anchor woman married to Barack sr. named Anna Chin Soebarkah.
I discern in this what Baby is really guiding the point to, in the cartel knows their Obama is a Birther, and Mr. Trump is going to expose all of this as President. It will come full circle and the last 8 years of Obama aborting America is going to be wiped from the books, and the cartel will be set back and placed into jeopardy.
Hence the GOP spiking nuts as they did against Teddy Roosevelt to get him shot, are the cover for this operation which is about being discussed.

Once again, the Lame Cherry is thankful for Baby trending and still speaking to me in clearly setting the undercurrents in what the river is moving toward, and by the posting here, the intention once again is to disrupt the flow to protect Mr. Trump in this flow.

Final Note: Baby is noting that neither Hillary Clinton nor Jeb Bush will be President. The elites have noted this in their conversations, and hence the Donald Trump problem.