Thursday, October 1, 2015

Chris Harper Mercer


Chris Harper Mercer has been identified as the mass murderer at the Umpqua Oregon collective college, after the press identified some poor sap named Toby The Eggman Reynolds, who looked like he has one sticky keyboard and would be shooter friendly.

It is always suspect when the press does not release information for hours, including whether the shooter was alive or dead, as image Obama goes on stage making it all about itself again.

This Mercer looks like an ethnic, a Stan Ann jungle fever product by his large lips, bulbous nose, thick eyebrows and cropped head. The press is reporting handguns and a rifle, an AR 15 type, but the long gun pictured above reminds me of a Ruger with the front barrel band.
From reports, this shooter was a fag like the black reporter shooter in the east. Fag means, he was using light guns as in a 9 as the college children were talking of "snapping" sounds like a yardstick on a board. That leaves the smaller units from 22 to a 9. Assessment points to would be a semi auto pistol type as the firearm above is semi auto also.

This is another strange one in like the North Carolina shooter sporting Rhodesian flage, this Mercer has screen grabs of his worshiping the IRA, as in Irish Republican Army.

Odd as confuse a cat is  a cat is Monty Python's holy grail.

Inquiry is interesting in this in Mercer did the shooting and did not do the shooting. This is scopolamine again in action. This is the cartel work. The regime was supposed to get a black white race war stoked up for cover of what they are accomplishing, but the Afroids are just not up to the Charlie Manson task.
So they are sending in the Syrian Muslims, stoked by these ISIS sleepers and using Farrakhan as cover, with this screwy picture frames which make absolutely no sense.

Inquiry points to this is the same projects which did the Carolina and Virginia shootings. The crew running these operations for the cartel are out of France. They targeted Mercer this year.
They are piggybacking directly off of BATF firearms registration files. That is the primary in how they are finding these candidates. The Obama regime is not conducting this, but has been warned to "expect activity" in order to exploit it.

The montages mean absolutely nothing, but are designed to not make sense. The puzzlement of the mob is what this protocol is about. The confusion is produced to progress this to the anxiety intended for chaos. None of this is designed to paralyze the population but to key it to react.

The target was projected naturally to eliminate Christians, for the greater global premises of the Albert Pike scenario for the last great war to wipe out religion.  

That about wraps this up, as not much interest in this or anything else as what is another few dead when the Prophecies are calling for billions.  This is a waste of my resources except to chart it.