Friday, October 30, 2015

CNBC Prostitution Anchored


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After what NBC disgustingly engaged in against the GOP Trump Debate, this is the "thought" of what their political rape was about:

But some of the same CNBC employees also said they were proud that the moderators had pointedly challenged the GOP candidates and potentially changed the course of the presidential race.

.........and who is really to blame for what NBC's political rape?

Some staffers at CNBC feel that outside journalists have unfairly ganged up on the network rather than focusing on the candidates' misstatements and grandstanding moments. 

Yes, it is the people who called the police on the rapists, as the NBC rapists stood handcuffed screaming, "It is not my fault!!!! It is the GOP's fault in the way they dressed to get me to rape them!!!!"

Let us look at one of the NBC hireling rapists, Becky Quick, as the following photos prove she was hired for her intellect.


Yes Becky Quick's NBC intelligence in cup size.

Yes again Becky Quick of NBC has her brains on display under her skirt.

Yes by now in the Becky Quick tit and ass show, we know this bimbo is for jack off market share to lesbians and no date males. Becky Quick is CNBC's prostitute for ratings and this is what NBC chose, next to her Giggilo Latino and their pimp John Harwood.

Quick apologized to Donald Trump after he mind spanked her on that idiot Zuckerberg question, and only proves what a twatweight she is.

NBC was shocked at the outrage of America. Shocked because that is what this David Letterman Cocktail crowd talks like as they booze and dope it up every party hour after work. This is what the Obama regime acts like behind the rainbow fences in this disgusting, mindless hate women are there for one reason in to be fucked and those swarthy skin Quintantilla's are there to sniff the dick and snatch, as the Harwoodies smack them on their heads, cautioning them all, "NO TEETH BITCH".

If you noticed, the same perverts were at got the creepy old Wallace guy, the not memorable blow job boy and the media whore Megyn Kelly. All of these media minders run the same fucking groups to appeal to the sexons who are all their audiences. And I do mean fuck groups, as they sit on their couches with Cheetos fingers on one hand and huffer fingers in the other.

I don't want NBC banned from the debates. I instead demand that NBC be charged for running a peep show brothel on the Republicans, pimped by Harwood, sodomized by Quintwhatever and whored by Quick.

Put these fuckers in jail, with a case of Vaseline to get some rape justice for Americans, and the next time one of these media whores fucks with Americans again, throw their ass into prison to, to be pounded in hamburger by 500 Rahm Emanuel Afroids in Chicago.

Nuff said.