Friday, October 30, 2015

As a thank you


I wanted to thank John and David for the kind things they have shared. I deeply appreciate the suggestions which people have in confirming the things in this blog or offering assistance in making things better, even in cat psychology.

John sent this awhile back, and I apologize as I get so busy sometimes and my brain is on overload in too much information. It is about a nice little EMP gun used to neutralize drones. It always is easier to buy protection instead of building one, as most people are not electronic engineers or rocket scientists.

Drone Swatter.

David wrote with a few free downloads. One was Audacity, which is a very good audio editing software which I have used, when I turned out a CD of poetry and prayers.

Video Converter is another one, which I have not played with, but is for converting motion files. It bugs me when all these files are in huge files, as we are not talking about needing high quality in how to shoot coyotes.

There is also, Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express 9.02, - YouTube Unblocker 0.6.18, Adblock Plus 2.6.11 which helps people with slow internet speeds and of course blocking those damned ads.
I might ad that if you do not update some files like Adobe Flash, that video ads will not load. Firefox will just pop up a warning about if I want to run it or not. No I do not.

I would appreciate it if people would include David in their prayers as a hospital visit may be in the offing. He is one of our Spiritual family who you will meet someday with Christ.

I am always trying to help in anyway I can. I am a firm believer in apple cider vinegar as it has accomplished a few remarkable things for me. I offer this recipe I found for arterial blockage. I do not know if it will work. I do now that heart blockage is caused by lack of Vitamin C and the cholesterol is just patching the cracks in the walls. Earth Clinic has had some things which benefited me.

Hi, this is the formula:
1 cup ginger juice
1 cup garlic juice
1 cup fresh lemon juce and boil it till it become as much as 2 cups
and add 1 cup or 2 cup honey as per ur taste and have it 2 times a day for a month
All blockage in heart will start melting down, continue it and u will have best result without surgery.

Heart Disease - Prevention

I do have to get something written about an Inspirational thought, so I close. God bless and keep all of God's children in Jesus Name Amen and Amen