Sunday, October 18, 2015

Convenient Breitbart

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those who require reminding, of the demise of Andrew Breitbart. There has been a lengthy silencing of famous people who find ways to stop breathing, when the elite decide the information they possess is inconvenient in the Truth which they possess.

The Jewish bankers in London and New York had Britain over a barrel and found it easy to extract the Balfour Declaration, which promised them a Jewish homeland—but not a sovereign Jewish state-in Palestine, which in 1916 still belonged to Turkey. The British, being famous for their fairness and integrity in all their dealings, made a similar offer to middle-eastern Arabs and even dispatched T E. Lawrence to found the Arab Legion. At a later time when Lawrence reminded his government of this promise he suddenly and conveniently died in a motorcycle accident. As an aside, a propensity for accidental death seems to be quite common among people not agreeing with the prevailing Anglo-American policy.

You surely remember George Patton, who wanted to warn the American people that the war was not won if the Western Allies did not continue their advances until they reached Warsaw. He also was greatly impressed by the human quality of the personnel in the SS-Fuhrerschulen and had the audacity to state so publicly. After these unpopular utterances the healthy, strapping general suffered minor injuries in a highly suspicious car accident and died shortly from the consequences.

Or the court appointed Jewish lawyer, who was to defend Ivan Demjanjuk during the latter's show trial in Jerusalem. It was his misfortune to discover some items which disputed the claims of the prosecution and promptly and conveniently dropped out of a high-up hotel room window. It was declared a suicide but this was hotly denied by his family. There are many other cases, of course.

Under Two Flags by Heinz Weichardt

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