Saturday, October 17, 2015

Note to itmales Chas Bono and her twin, Seth Rogen

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am sexually confused. Not about me, but about Chastity AKA Chaspenis Bono, the daughter of that fine American, Sonny Bono and that hosebag slut, Cher Obama.

All know the story of this precocious little girl on the Sonny and Cher Show, or should, in how the pretty child, from bad examples, carved her womanhood out of her, and became an appendage faux male.......yeah with a hosebag example like Cher, who would want to be a woman, as it would be more appealing to be a guy like Sonny, so in that fucked up mindwarping, we got this Chaspenis running around now, bitching that it can not get women who it is attracted to.

That is something every man knows. There is not a man on this planet who decided they were going to have sex or get married to, as it is always the woman who decides all of this stuff, and  the guy just is deluded or never realizes they are led around and the decision is made for them.
So as a woman for Chastity Bono to not get the fact that women always do the deciding and for Chastity to give up the power, and not realize that no male or it, ever decides things for women you are attracted to, but it is the woman who decides she will put up with you, and then you as a guy think you are something the hard lesson Chastity never considered.

So the Lame Cherry is going to explain a few things to this bearded woman in order to help it out.

First Chastity, just look at what a fucking dork you look like. Obama dumped like 7.3 trillion dollars into the stock ain't going to impress the girls and that means a nice suit is not going to cut it, no more than wearing a goatee and standing there like a fat woman.

Second Chastity, have you listened to how fucking whining you are? That ain't a guy. That is a woman, down to her uterus.
Women are whiners, but the last thing they want to hear is a whiner male......or hear, "You know I am a freak with a skin dick, and sex with me is going to be lezbo, and I am not connected enough to get you into a movie or the music what I have going for me is I am a whiner male".
Chastity, no woman is going to go for you in being lezbo scrambled, when they can get the real lesbian shit like Ellen or Rosie to scam them out of a fortune.

Third.....there is no third Chastity. You are dumb bitch. Guys who look like you are named Jared, fuck up Subway contracts and end up in pedophile prison as the old lady walks away with the cash.

Take some advice from Bill Clinton if you want a woman. A woman is someone you lie to. You pretend you care about what the fuck they are whining about. You ask about the dumb bucking stuff no one with a mind cares about to make them feel like they are not dumb cunts. For that, you will be as a pretend penis, be rewarded with more bitching, more advice how you could be better, as you take them out to dinner, spend money on them, and they tell you, that you are a really great they shut the door in your face, and you get no sex, as they pick up their smart phone and masturbate with some psycho guy who is doing this with 500 other women, as in life, one guy gets the pussy, and all the rest of the guys just howl by the hole.
The best an it like you can hope for Chastity is a woman to use you, as all guys get used, and for you to get your ass drafted into the Obama army where you get shipped off, captured, and have a Chris Stevens relationship with some Muslim rapists as your contact with the opposite sex.

Anyone as fucked up as you Chastity, I don't figure is going to Heaven as you got a satanic symphony in your head. Most rich people just hire it done for what you are after and call it a day. Hillary Clinton phones it in, and something that old and crusty should give you hope to go to hell to as a fornicating abomination to God. Granted Huma is probably some spy and sucking off Hillary's clit is part of her mission, but all the same Seth Rogen who looks like your twin, did have a woman decide she would marry him.......after the became rich and started sound allot like your wack job mother Cher.

So maybe when Seth is on the road, you could have a house key made and go and cuddle with Mrs. Rogen, and get out before dawn. I am sure she would not care as a woman like her has no taste, and only has this list of things like:

1. Stupid fat male no one else wants.
2. Stupid rich fat male no one else wants.
3. Stupid rich fat male I can convince he is in charge which no one else wants.
4. Stupid rich fat male who is busy hating others and being busy I do not have to have sex with this stupid male.

So Chastity, as you see, you got the stupid part down already. You got the fat part down. Your mummy must be the one paying your bills, so you got the money part down. You are dumb as a man as an itmale, and in the dark that should at least get you farted at by Mrs. Rogen in REM sleep.

See Chastity you gave up the power when you stupidly did not want to be like your whore mum Cher. All kinds of obnoxious females, ugly and pretty have all kinds of relationships....unless they are like Rosie or Ellen, but that is because they don't suck crusty cocks off for free. If Ellen would just Hoover it, she could have all kinds of penis sore guys lining up to tell her what a great gal she is, at least until after the, "I'm cumming you fucking cock slut"..........then you better have a case of beer to get the crud drunk to pass out, if you want him to stay the night and probably piss on your bathroom floor at 4 AM because you were stupid enough to let a drunk fucker stay over.

My advice to you Chastity Bono is this. Give up Seth Rogen's minder. Go find Jesus. Be sorry for the moron you are, and shoot for Heaven by Christ, and give up the human relationship stuff, and go for the God stuff, as all you are is a whiner woman now in a penis appendage form. No one wants that, and it is insane to try as women are horrid creatures who torture men for the reason that they can, because all men are delusional idiots who believe everything a woman tells them......or their hand when they are masturbating.

I repeat for you Chastity, go talk to Jesus, become who Jesus commands you to be, leave your idiot choices behind which are sending you to hell, and then obey God's Commandments as you care about other's needs.......and shut up about things aren't going your way. In the real world, nothing goes right for anyone........unless a woman is deciding things for her husband. Then the world is perfect when followed by, "Yes Dear".