Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cop Lives Matter

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A note to Quentin Tarantino...

NYPD Boycotting Quentin Tarantino for Protesting at #BLM ...

Grand Jury Begins Hearing Evidence in Tamir Rice Killing 10/27/2015. NYPD Boycotting Tarantino for Protesting at #BLM Rally 10/26/2015. Quentin Tarantino ...

Cop lives matter. Nigger lives don't matter. Cop lives matter, because they have a union behind them and Niggers are just spacetakers, awaiting to be replaced by Latin Slaves.

Further note to Quentin:

Harvey Weinstein furious at Tarantino for anti-cop rally

With police groups now calling for a boycott of the director's "The Hateful Eight," sources say Weinstein wants Tarantino to apologize, or at least wa…
New York Post23 hours ago

When you use Niggers to promote another psycho murderfest movie you make, check with your Jew distributor in Harvey Weinstein of Miramax, as the Ashkenaz elite are the ones having image Obama, the original Birther a Chinoid, AKA, an Asian Nigger, all of those Beaner slaves for profit, before you try and use Niggers for profit, because Cop lives matter, because cops have more money for Jews to exploit, than Niggers.
Jews fund movies to make trigger points about psycho Cops killing psycho Niggers. That makes profits and when you got the unions putting into place these fucking psycho cops who like capping everyone, you get a society which accepts all the easy profit movies of violence........any fucking liberal shit for brains like yourself Quentin can script a gunner film, but it takes real talent to script a Ben Hur.

Note to the Afriod......

Not so sorry to inform you, but this might just save your lives as a dose of reality in your Obama fictional delusions.
image Obama of the original Birther was a Chinoid, that means an Chinese Negriod mongrel, who was raised in Indonesia. Asian Niggers hate African Niggers and American Niggers. You are low rung on the ladder, and they would just as soon exterminate in buying up all of your African resources and killing you off with malaria, ebola and AIDS.

You Afriods got to get your head out of your asses, in it is not only Rahm Emanuel gunning your asses down in Chicago as Louis Farrakhan sits by with the Mooselums doing noting in culling your Nigger asses out of the hatch, but it is the Indian Niggers and the China Niggers,  buying up Africa to exploit, with full support of the Ashkenaz European cartel, as long as they cut their billion dollar cuts on diamonds, guns and paddy for your Nigger ancestors in Africa.

I have a question for you Afroids now, and it is going to stump your asses.

With Obama a Designer Negro in the Rainbow House, why is it that cops are not terrified of capping off the brothers?

I will make this easy for you, as image Obama hates your asses as it is an Asian Nigger, and wants your embarrassing asses gone, just like Jack n Jill cringes at your jungle bun ways.

If image Obama had the Nigger in mind to protect them, instead of gun them down from Day One, then Bill Cosby would still be raping women. Cosby was brought down by the same Ashkenaz media which installed Obama, and Asian Obama does not appreciate some Nigger getting more genital than he ever could, even with dope.

So what have we all learned in this eh?

We learned that Cop Lives Matter, because they have more money than Niggers, who do not work, and are costing the exploiters more money, than what a Beaner will produce.
A Mexican eats less, works more, dies quicker, is exploited for profit margins more readily than the Afroid, so we all hope that Quentin Tarintino has learned too, that he needs to stick with trashing Christians, Veterans, Conservatives, Whites, as their lives do not matter, as Jew Weinstein loves making movies about those nuts and Obama is in the process of genociding them off with it's covert agency policies.

Note to Quentin....

Until image Obama starts handing out billions of dollars to Niggers in movie passes for Weinstein profits, Black Lives do not Matter. It is Cop Lives Matter, Terrorist Lives Matter, Marxist Lives Matter, Pedophile Lives Matter.

Futher note to Quentin:

Gay Lives no longer Matter, as like Niggers, they were a stepping stone to something the elite desired more. In time the Fag will be exterminated as the Fag is competition for little boy ass and little girl snatch, and the elite like image Obama does not want Brian Williams making rosy assholes of virgin anus, as that spoils the matrix charge of the offering in making them scream.

Note to Niggers....

Just accept your fate like your ancestors. You had a good run. You have not accomplished a thing since Emancipation, and now it is your time for Obama to genocide you. Just show up at Planned Parenthood to be aborted, use your Obama phones for profiting your Mexican lords, and suck elite dick, while providing a few of your ho's to liberals like Lawrence O'Donnell, Bill Maher and Robert Deniro to fuck, as those black ho's matter, just not your lives.

Final note to Niggers:

No one is telling you the Truth, except men like Cornell West and Tavis Smiley. It is why Obama has the hatefest on Dr. West and why Tavis Smiley never gets near any Presidential debate.
Maybe take a fruit jar, write a note in it with your picture, and bury it in the backyard, telling the world you once mattered, but were exterminated by the elite, so someone might remember you.
I would recommend you use an online translator and print it up in Mexican or Chinese, as that who will probably be living your house, sleeping in your bed and watching your big screen tv showing Quentin Tarantino movies, once he has been punished enough to know, Cop Lives Matter.