Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Junior League


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I have a joke for you, although you will not think it is funny, but it was hilarious to George Stephanopoulos of the Clinton White House and Susan Spencer, White House correspondent who told Stephanopoulos, who then repeated it to an amused Bill Clinton later.

Why do Junior Leaguers not like group sex?

Too many thank you notes afterwards.

I will assume that most of you have little idea what the Junior League is, but have heard of it. The Junior League is a group of almost 400 local groups or volunteer charities comprised of women, serving communities in training women to be civic leaders and to assist their neighborhoods in charity.

The Junior League was founded in 1901 by Marianne Harriman, the daughter of railroad magnet, Edward Harriman in conjunction with how to deal with immigrants pouring into America, and the numbers which were in New York City. There was not such a thing as Obama welfare in that era, and these leagues sought to assist the poor wretches in being in America.

I focus on these liberals in Stephanopoulos and Susan Spencer, along with Bill Clinton, in what is really inside people like this to take a group of women doing good, and turn them into sex perverts, and then the punchline being, the only reason they did not like being perverts is they had to write thank you notes to all the people they had fucked.

This is the David Letterman Cocktail crowd. It is their humor, as they tell you they study morals in reading Thomas Acquinas or degrade Christians for having Commandments which point out sin. All of this matters, as this is what incubated sodomite legalized sex, and is the platform now for child rape.

You have to understand that this memoir by Stephanopoulos was written long before Obama, and was published before George W. Bush, and in that era, the editors, the publishers, ABC which employed Stephanopoulos and the Clinton White House never were made to answer for this perverted non humor, no more than CBS ever fired Susan Spencer.
Yes, that is the White House press corp and all of the press, committing adultery and telling perverted jokes, instead of working.

The reason this matters is, this is Hillary Clinton from the 1990's, and in this 2016 Presidential race, we now have Hillary Clinton parading around as her first mistress, the foreign Muslim wife of a Anthony Wiener an absolute net creeper perv, as they are the new lesbian couple, where the reality is the United States taxpayers have been paying for Hillary Clinton's live in prostitute.
Think of it, in 20 years ago, there were just behind the scenes crude jokes degrading women who were helping their communities, and now it is the White House disgustingly painted fag rainbow by Val-erie Jarrett, another lezbo, with Hillary Clinton in her daily gay parade.

The only thing left for these perverts is like in Obama ISIS terrorists, buying children in the markets and having them stroke Hillary's hair as Huma is replaced.

All of this matters, and this blog was the first to expose the pedophilia which all now are talking about as experts, and not one of you damned intellectual plagiarists have mentioned the Lame Cherry, as you steal, steal, steal, while making excuses for being here as you can not stay away.

Reference Source: All Too Human, George Stephanopoulos, IR/ Page 141
Little Brown Books: 1999 AD

See what none of you are getting at, is the Junior League had already been transformed from just a woman's group of volunteers, but the outreach was dealing with children's programs, as in the Junior League is everything from children's PGA, soccer to children volunteering.
That is what George Stephanopoulos and Susan Spencer, along with Bill Clinton were laughing at. Adult women engaged in group sex, raping children.

That is the question beyond why George Stephanopoulos and Susan Spencer have not been fired, but why Hillary Clinton and all of the Clinton and Obama voting Democrats have not disavowed themselves from child rape jokes, instead of laughing at them with David Letterman telling about the Palin daughter's being impregnated as children by black New York Yankees players.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.