Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Data Rape


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In a world where the best American President acting as Ronald Reagan would, is Vladimir Putin in Moscow, it is equally disturbing that in Europe there are Safe Harbour agreements where European Citizens data can not be liberally made available inside the United States, but there is absolutely no safeguard for Americans inside America.

Yes under the image of Barack Hussein Obama Chin, America is North Korea and Americans are more spied upon than in Iran.
This is beyond repulsive and unAmerican, it is a the same 1984 George Orwell, Big Brother, and it is coming directly from the American left.

“The United States safe harbor scheme thus enables interference, by United States public authorities, with the fundamental rights of persons,” the judges said in a statement on Tuesday, referring to access to European data by American intelligence agencies.

The European courts though have begun to take their rights back for their Citizens in striking down the spying by NSA fronted companies as Google, Microsoft and Facebook. What is typical in this, is that there are cartel stooges inside of European power centers, who are already disregarding the European Courts, in saying that the ruling should not be a problem, while Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is coming out with the NSA scripted line, that "Facebook already had agreements which should negate the court ruling".

Seriously,  what kind of agreement is there that Facebook gets to ignore privacy laws set up by European Courts?

The interest though should be on the American side of the Atlantic in why the United States Congress is not protecting Americans from the Obama regime, but is instead handing over wholesale terrorism of American by Homoland Security.

I have related how time and again, my high speed internet has been cut off, as in I can not even log onto my server with 4 G as it is unavailable, any time I start posting exclusives which does not fit the sodomite rape of America.  Information was divulged that the major cell phone carriers all were NSA compliant, and were directly linked to PRISM spying on Americans. That is illegal surveillance without a Court ordered warrant. Yet that is what Americans are constantly dealing with in being harassed.

There is a reality in this, that once the regime is terrorizing Citizens in spying on them, and the Congress is not protecting the Citizen, as much as why should any internet corporation need your cookie data from every place you surf, to make money off of you in the billions of dollars?

What is being engaged in against Americans by Facebook and these other conglomerates is Data Rape.

- Lame Cherry

Personally, I do not want that creepy creeper Mark Zuckerberg, who is pictured drunk, half naked, always grinning like he is on psychiatric medications, having access to all of my data or any of my data. If you need to be reminded, the NSA is not the J. Edgar Hoover FBI of that era, but is now a group which spends more time surfing porn, masturbating and data mining innocent people that turn them on. Put it this way, the same creepy pervy stuff, you are guilty of online in the things you have done, Mark Zuckerberg and that geektard trash which can not get a date with anything but battery appliances, is doing to your pictures and your accounts.

We would not have an inkling of most of this, if it were not for the heroic Edward Snowden in all the information he correctly released, as Congress stopped representing Americans in 2009 with Obama's theft of the US Presidency.

“Congratulations, @maxschrems. You’ve changed the world for the better.”

- Edward Snowden

 Max Schrems of who is suing Facebook in Austria in a separate case, but the catalyst of all of this released this statement:

“Governments and businesses cannot simply ignore our fundamental right to privacy,” he said, “but must abide by the law and enforce it.”

Why is it, that the People's Houses in America and Europe, are voided of the words of liberty for all, and are instead filled with license for corporations? It is because of big money and big blackmail in cartels obliterating the rights of humanity founded in 1776, the French Revolution, Magna Carta, English Law and Martin Luther.

An American named Edward Snowden has a death sentence, is hunted by Homoland, and is exiled in hiding in Russia, the only wall of freedom left on the planet, while Max Schrems of Europe has the Court to at least appear in, as Americans have no right to Courts, to privacy or anything founded in 1776.
Lt. Col. Terry Lakin thrown in prison for standing for America. Orly Taitz' cases being thrown out of courts or delayed, with the Supreme Court in GOP appointed safeguards in Roberts and Kennedy sodomizing America.

Americans are being Data Raped, and there is absolutely no way to stop the invasion as the rape of rights has been institutionalized by thee most heinous group of feudal leaders, since Nimrod was hunting men and Semiramis was instituting perverted sex as a national religion of control.

End the data rape of Americans, and put these Zuckerberg rapists into prison in crimes against all humanity.