Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg: America's Worst Businessman


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the Lord Christ teaches, those who can not be trusted in the small things, are not to be trusted with the big things.

That is the reality of Mark Zuckerberg, the NSA funded asset who is spying on the world for the beast. It was not enough for Mark Zuckerberg to own a mansion, no Zuckerberg in his phobia of being close to humans demanded to own his own mountain by throwing everyone else off of it.

The glitch in this was a businessman named Mircea Voskerician, who owned a property on the mountain that Zuckerberg was claustrophobic to have. The property was worth 1.7 million, but the seller was willing to work out a deal, to benefit both parties in Zuckerberg for a non jacked up price to complete his mountain enclave, was to introduce Mr. Voskeician to various important contacts in Silicon Valley that the seller wanted to do business with.
It is always a deal of, it is not what you know, but who you know.

Zuckerberg reneged on the deal after taking the land at bargain price. That is what exposed Zuckerberg for what he is, in being someone who lies to people to get what he wants, pretends to be cordial, and then cheats them.
That is the history of Facebook. Others dreamed it up, others created it, and Zuckerberg stole it, and once he gained NSA funding, it overtook MySpace and became the biggest spyware for the NSA the world has ever witnessed.

Think of it this way in all Zuckerberg had to do, was agree to throw three get togethers. It is not that hard, except for the realty probably that none of the brains in Silicon Valley like this fraud Zuckerberg. People who are genuine just do not like being around frauds like Zuckerberg who have the NSA building everything for them.
Still for charity sake, Zuckerberg could have thrown a teau dieu in which the bigs from Silicon would have made an appearance and he could have introduced Mr. Voskerician around. Same with an open house on the mountain compound. The bankers and such would have come, and Zuckerberg could have did the glad hand again. When Obama showed up, or the Chicoms, Zuckerberg could have just did the same, as everyone would have sucked up to that dick.
It would have been more than enough of a repayment in any one of those gatherings and it would be up to Mr. Voskerician if he sank or swam.

It certainly would have been a great deal better than having Mr. Voskerician dragging Zuckerberg's ass into court, in what the media calls a weirdo case, but the courts are still hearing it, because this is about a billionaire screwing over courtroom employees like all of us.
I mean how much intelligence does it take when the court papers are filed, for Zuckerberg to apologize to Mr. Voskerician, offer the original deal with some sweetener and claim that Zuckerberg was so busy that the messages never got through, and it was some flunky's fault who has now been fired.
That keeps things out of the courts, does not expose what a cheat, liar and a fraud Mark Zuckerberg is in real life, just like when he creeps people out on the internet.

The key to anything celebrity is to MAKE IT GO AWAY. In real life, the key is to always apologize, work a solution and let things go silent as one happy person creates no problems, but one pissed off person is always saying negative things about you.
Sort of like Mark Zuckerberg stealing my Lame Cherry account, after I provided all the information three times over.......and now this horrid excuse for a businessman has  a non stop forever internet feature about him, focusing and exposing all that Mark Zuckerberg is.

The majority of people hate Mark Zuckerberg for being a petty terrorist on Facebook. The majority of the elite hate this pretender Zuckerberg is. That all adds up to the NSA realizing that their front man is a problem and not someone to be counted on. It all adds up, and the little zuck who couldn't, is someone the NSA begins seeking to replace for all the problems this techtard is causing.

You never hear anything positive about Mark Zuckerberg. His last foray was championing that militant Muslim bomb builder alienating even more people in America. All that Obama money pumping to Zuckerberg for the NSA has a price, and the time when Zuckerberg begins degrading that investment, is the day the NSA will realize that Zuckerberg is no Bill Gates as a responsible asset.

I look forward to that, when the elite neutralize this pompous techtard. Until that time's arrival, Mark Zuckerberg is going to be exposed in the real media for the disaster he is, both to humanity, to national security and to the world.

Nuff said.