Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dr. Nation Rapist and Mr Baby Butcher


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I always enjoy watching which of the elite are focused upon ethnic cleansing around the globe. For example, Bill Gates after stating that vaccines would be used to crop 1.5 billion people, his polio vaccines appeared in India and gave children polio instead of keeping them safe.

It is interesting that the nation rapist who enticed Bill Gates to turn his billions over to the cartel to exploit, in Warren Buffett, is the same Buffett who was one of Obama's great nation rapists, involved in criminal insider trading schemes from green China cars, railroad monopolies, shipping North Dakota crude oil, while shutting off Canadian oil pipelines to drive up prices Americans paid.......all funded in the money Buffett looted from investors in the lead up to  the Obama Super Depression.

How this dovetails into ethnic cleansing is Buffett in stealth, started the Justice Fund, and hid it in the name of his old ball and chain wife, and that funding was all for Planned Parenthood, whose butcher shops are all set up in black American neighborhoods.
The amusing side to this story in the Planned Parenthood worker who exposed all of this, said Buffett was pissing and moaning about costs, as he was originally funding most of the costs, but they were killing so many babies, that Buffett started cutting back in the funding to only pay about half the costs.
The women who were "frequent fliers", apparently women who had so many abortions a year that they were tapping into the Buffett baby butcher funds, started bitching about the cut backs, and Planned Parenthood just lied to Buffett about the costs, and Buffett never checked the billing, so Planned Parenthood was bilking Buffett in scamming him.

Think of this, in the nation rapist Warren Buffett having looted billions, started funding not only Planned Parenthood to genocide black babies, after backing Designer Negro Obama, but Buffett was bribing the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists along with Catholics for Choice at 2 million dollars.
So you know where the Catholic church is having their upheaval as it comes from Buffett coercion, and this is the same Obama the Pater Pope said in reverse speech "I love him"......yeah his Buffett is tearing the hell out of the Catholic church, but the Pater loves image Obama.

You should be able to progress this out in how the socioconglomerates all are working together. You have Buffett funding black genocide, as Obama imports the Mexican replacements. You have Buffett bribing the baby butchers in college, and on the other end coming out, you have baby parts, bringing in millions of dollars to draconian labs cannibalizing these babies for profit.

It is the circle complete and a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter connecting the dots in this in a reality that no one has previously. Warren Buffett is this heinous lurking serial predator in finance and in people. He is a nation rapist and a baby butcher, an enabler of Obama Genocide of blacks in America. The money comes in one end, funneled to Planned Parenthood as a TAX DEDUCTION, and the money flows into this billion dollar infanticide industry from labs doing only the devil knows what to those human body parts.

The woman who broke this story, was hauled into court to shut her up. This serpent feeding on it's own tail in trying to cover up what the entire story of this is........and it makes one wonder if Warren Buffett in his investment group actually owns or is invested in these baby butcher labs.

Warren Buffett is a pariah worse than Joseph Mengele. He is the living manifestation of the fictional beast Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, what Warren Buffett is Dr. Nation Rapist and Mr. Baby Butcher.
Warren Buffett needs to be hauled before a People's Court and made to answer for crimes against humanity as the Nuremberg Trials.

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