Saturday, October 3, 2015

The End of American Hegemony


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a reality in the thing Americans failed at in Orly Taitz trying to prove Obama was what he confessed in being an expired Birther, the thing that John Boehner could not stalemate Obama on Obamacare and the thing John Roberts would not save America from Obama in sodomy, is what is being exposed by President Vladimir Putin of Russia, in the image of Barack Hussein Obama Chin is a lying illegitimate fraud, propped up by a puppy press for the "change" (overthrow) of America (stealing America and giving it to Mexicans, Chinese and Muslims) for the cartel elite, for their hegemony of the world.



Obama: 'Not some superpower chessboard contest'...

We have the evidence of this now in Syria. For years Obama has supposedly been fighting ISIS while training and arming these terrorists, and in the first day that Vladimir Putin's Air Force arrives in Syria, they obliterate the biggest weapon's cache ISIS has in Syria.

Odd is it not, that the Americans in little Syria could not find enough weapons to blow up a nation, and the Russians were able to locate it in a moment.
Not odd, because it exposes what a damned fraud image Obama, John Kerry and Samantha Powers all are on the Mideast have been in lying to Americans and the world.

You must get this too, as Vladimir Putin has exposed what frauds Obama is, what the Pentagon is in serving Obama and that American foreign policy has been nothing but Islamic militant foreign policy to take over the Mideast.

America has left the building literally in the Obama regime has destroyed a million lives across the lands of Islam, and the image of America as an honest broker has ended. The Obama regime is in bed with communist terrorists, joined with Islamic militants, and as Jimmy Carter's brain rots with cancer, his last vision is the fruition of his 1970's policy of creating murderous Muslims as a policy tool to deal with the Soviets. The problem is the Soviets were defeated by Ronald Reagan, but the Muslim terrorists remain and the American White House now has their benefactor, they bought for 300 million dollars in  bogus campaign donations in 2008 to Obama, making Uncle Sam into Bloody Hands Sam guilty of crimes against humanity.

Americans are liars. That is the message. The Israeli state was in bed with ISIS against Syria in an attempt to deal with the disaster Obama laid before them. Now it is Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu joining in diplomacy to bring stability to the Mideast.
The reality is, John Boehner should have invited Vladimir Putin to address Congress and not that perverted Francis of the Vatican who is betraying all Catholics. That is the mark of how non existent America leadership is.

The point in all of this is that the Obama regime has obliterated America as a leader, as an honest broker and as a moral leader throughout the world. Vladimir Putin is now viewed as the savior as messiah Obama has been nothing but homicide Obama around the world.
It is amazing that the Nobel Prize committee gave Obama a peace prize to make war, and now they are speaking of giving John Kerry a peace prize for giving Persian communists nuclear weapons for an atomic holocaust of the world.

Every day there is new evidence of the Obama regime as liars. Yesterday it was a massive ISIS weapon's cache destroyed and today it is Russia pounding 50 ISIS terror targets with effect. It has come to the point that Russia is now the lord of the Mideast, and having ordered the Americans out of Syria, it is only a matter of time before Russia begins making military strikes in Iraq to destroy ISIS there with Iran pounding Iraq from their borders.
Mark the words in this, as an exclusive heard here first. Russia will create a bear cave from Kurdistan to the Mediterranean and the American presence is going to be driven back to enclaves in Kuwait and Qatar, with the Saudi's holding the American bases there.

There is a prophecy in this, that the Russians take the massive American weapon's cache in Saudi Arabia. Now that scenario does not look so far fetched does it? The Iraqi weapons in heavy tanks, armour and weapons were all confiscated by ISIS to hide the gun running which Qatar and Turkey were providing for the Obama terrorists. In time as this projects out, it will be of necessity for the Russians toseize all the American assets in the region.

I point this map out, as no one is thinking this out yet, even Charles Smith, in Russia is extended now in Syria. The water is behind them, the atomic Jews are on their flank, and ISIS is on their left front and atomic Turkey is in their rear. In military reality, Russia must secure itself in Syria, so they are not pushed into the Mediterranean. They must advance after securing Syria, to taking Northern Iraq in the Kurds as their operational zone to link with the Persians, all to make the Caspian corridor their supply line.
Russia can not allow itself to have the Turkish straights to the Black Sea as their only supply line.

America has obviously has it's hegemony obliterated by the Obama regime. The Brzezinski apologists can attempt to make this a grande plan of handing over to Putin all the Islamic terrorists to deal with to give Russia it's own destruction, but that is not the case with Moscow, as they have a history from Saddam Hussein, Libya, Iran and Syria in getting along with Muslims. Now the reality is Moscow is getting along with the nuclear Jews, as the image Obama looks bent over, hoping to enjoy another round of Sadomasochism.

I told all of you that something is in the works, and has been in the works from George W. Bush, in leaving the Mideast, and it has been handed over to the Russians, who are being afforded the Byzantine Empire. The reality is America must be cuffed and humiliated as that is what the cartel has plotted, so Americans as in Vietnam, never go beyond their borders again.

Diplomacy is not a Star Wars arsenal in the hands of a Muslim apologist in the image of  Barack Hussein Obama.

- Lame Cherry
The world now has one reality before it. Russia is the moral enterprise and those calling Vladimir Putin a gangster like Marco Rubio and Homo Hannity are on the wrong side of history. America is weak and exposed as liars. The American hegemony is over and this is not going to be repaired by any war, any diplomacy or any bribe, because leadership is built on TRUST. The world trusted Ronald Reagan, and the image of Barack Hussein Obama has been that of destroying the trust the world had in America.

Millions of Americans dead for generations. Trillions drained from the United States Citizens, and it is all wasted and gone, just like George W. Bush's Iraq and Afghanistan victories.

The only gangster in this world is not in Moscow, but playing with itself at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the image of Barack Hussein Obama.