Monday, October 12, 2015

Ebola Returns

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As most of you have missed this, as it is not a push story on Drudge............

The reality is that the British nurse who "recovered" from Ebola.......well after months of "not having it".......she sort of had it show up again exactly like cancer viruses show up again, as most viruses appear again.

The family of nurse Pauline Cafferkey have claimed doctors "missed a big opportunity" to spot she had fallen ill with Ebola again when she was told she had a virus when she attended a clinic.
Toni Cafferkey said it was "absolutely diabolical" the way her sister, who originally contracted Ebola while volunteering in Sierra Leone last year, had been treated.

That is what happens when labs make designer viral agents, in sometimes the back door opens and POOF, here comes the disease which keeps on giving.
I believe I posted on this, in the infectious agents were put into soap in how this was deliberately spread. No matter on that for those who do not believe, because now we have hard core press reports that Ebola has no comes back just like herpes comes back.

There are reports from Patty Doyle, another poverty stricken American who watches all of this, that she has been tracking flights coming into America for some time........which appear to be dumping Ebola foreigners inside America for treatment or whatever. The point in all of this is, the experts said this would burn out......and once again they knew the date, because they new the infection rate exposure as it was regime generated.

Now though, they are covering up the fact that people apparently who had Ebola are never cured of it, but it keeps coming back until it kills you.

So enjoy all those ticking viral bombs out there, lurking around in your communities......fondling your fruit, wiping their nose on your money, coughing on your counters at Subway and shitting in your sewers with all their little viral agents swimming around in that cesspool.

That should be about enough joy for today. I give this advice though to all. If you have do gooder missionaries, peace corp, medical people in your orb, going overseas......find a new friend and stay the hell away from these plague carriers..........that includes military typs sent into these pandemics. These diseases are super diseases like Mexican TB or the lab Ebola viral agents. They are not going away and you do not want these Typhoid Mary's around you splatting saliva, urine, snot or the devil knows what in borrowing your cell phones or admiring your new jacket in pawing all over it.