Monday, October 12, 2015

Some More Republican Treachery


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

John Boehner seems to be able now that his time has run out, to suddenly be able to get things done......not for America, but the nation rapists.

I can not predict this 100% accurate in where Boehner will be making his millions, but understand this, when John Boehner and the GOP just voted 266 votes with a few democrats to lift the embargo on selling American oil to foreigners.......which is in place to protect Americans in this is our oil, I would be betting that John Boehner ends up at Big Frac in some multi million dollar job getting drunk every day, as that is the reward for selling out America.

It all is summed up in Congressman Kevin Kramer of North Dakota, just gushing about this event in selling North Dakota oil to American enemies.

Here is the figure from the United States Regime's own site in how much oil America imports each day.

The United States imported approximately 9 million barrels per day (MMb/d) of petroleum in 2014 from about 75 countries

So the reality is, America is importing oil......meaning America is at the mercy of foreigners, most of them terror oil states, but the great news is, America is now exporting oil we can not afford, as Americans are being price gouged at the pumps yet.

This gets even worse in the fact that, we have been told that American oil costs like 60 dollars a barrel to produce by Big America is selling it to China at a loss of 10 dollars per barrel.
Can even Kevin Kramer do the math on that in America is losing billions of dollars a year......and Big Frac and Big Finance is not going to make that cost up, but that is going to be deducted as a "loss" on these billionaires income taxes and poor Americans are going to be stuck with that bill along with Obama's trillions in debt.

This just irks me to the core. I would have no problem with America selling oil to foreigners, providing we were producing twice as much as Americans needed and our gas prices were around 25 cents a gallon with foreigners subsidizing American lifestyle. No one had a problem when Americans were subsidizing all these Muslims with Mercedes for a generation, so it is about time that Americans drive the nice cars and someone else is the debt slave.

The lifting of the export ban is another disaster for America, and honestly, this is a high crime against the people of these United States, as they have to foot the bill for it in high energy prices, making up in lost tax revenue and dead bodies in wars. John Boehner in the future People's Courts should be indicted, tried and hung for being a traitor to America, and selling out to Big Frac.

So John Boehner can not stop aborticide bringing in billions of dollars to his donors. John Boehner can not stop Obamacare bringing in billions of dollars to his donors. John Boehner can not stop Obama wars in bringing in billions of dollars to his donors. John Boehner can not stop Obamatrade bringing in billions of dollars to his donors.....same donors as the GOP and Obama with his democratic stooges, all sharing this rapine pie.
But John Boehner can find a vote with all the Republicans and like oil soaked democrats to lift an export ban protecting Americans from further oil terrorism.

These creatures are all traitors to America, and the odds are John Boehner is going to work for Big Frac in some way, just the way Newt Gingrich signed onto that agenda a few years ago.

Look Americans, is it so fricking hard to stand up and say you want a better deal than being economically raped every day? You don't have to think. I do that for you in the best plan for you, in the above solutions. You can have your cake and eat it to, because someone else is now having your cake and eating it for you.

What John Boehner, the GOP and democrats just did is treachery against America. It is a crime against you and your grandchildren and not one of these Homo Hannity types is saying one word about this. I honestly know what is wrong with you rich people in your souls are seared. You con yourselves that you are patriots, but you are nothing but enablers in the destruction of America. When is one of you, for God's sake, when is one of you going to step up and make a big donation here!!!!!!!

Or do all of you just like being dumb as fucking primates, picking shit off your asses in the forest as you peal your bananas looking thoughtful.

Nuff said