Monday, October 12, 2015

Facebook: The E LSD of the Mind

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I desire that you understand something, as you Americans are nothing but Facebook addicts. You can not remove yourself from that platform as it is a terror and mind conditioning platform. Facebook by brainwashing has people convinced that if they are not on that "social media" that the do not have an identity.

What I am attempting to educate you in the dangers of this addiction which ALL have as it is the same satanic prey which the devil tempted Jesus with in His identity, is that the Obama regime embarked on a  "see something say something" minding of Americans about Americans, which Americans never practiced.

For the ignorant the term minder, comes from the Soviets. Each military unit, each agency, each corporation had a Political Minder in order to report on the people back to the party, so everyone was intimidated.

TL before TL left Facebook over the murderous and malevolent actions you people initiated to have blood on your hands, received a taunting message from one of the minders who was a Jebcaver or an Obamaniac, about not having a real profile.
I will state plainly here that Facebook was sent a birth certificate with TL's name on it, and it proved to Facebook that TL is TL.

The damage though was done, as these heinous minders, seeking to silence us, kept reporting all we were to Facebook, so that when I became a target, and I produced a birth certificate, a national identification, and my press credentials, that they rejected each one, and when the press pass was sent, and a demand for an interview was issued, Facebook ran like hell and shut down my account.

I want you to get this through your heads. Facebook is teaching you, conditioning you, to be the same treacherous, traitorous and heinous informers, stooges, snitches which the Soviet system preyed on the Russian and Slavic peoples, as there are always small sub human types, overflowing with hate, who just love clicking buttons to report people, which these primates have been defeated by in debate.

That is the disgusting trash which inhabits Facebook, and it is this ilk which is in every community, reporting on you.
I will repeat this.........when these sub humans are reporting me to the Facebook Security Unit, they are reporting you to the authorities as they employ the same tactics.

There is no saving people from Facebook. They will not get off of it. Facebook opens each of your computers up when you load that program, and it data mines you non stop, and key logs all you type. It is one of the most intrusive FTP, File Transfer Protocols, ever produced. Each of you are hanging yourselves by your own keyboards, and those "friends" you think you have, they are minders doing the daily job of reporting on you.
What do you think 4000 geektards are doing at Silicon Valley at Facebook's compound? Most of them are regime spies terrorizing you, so you learn to be intimidated and obey. Enough of you have even been pushed enough to start reporting others, as is part of the protocol.

On the level of changing American Identity, Facebook is the worst brainwashing agent ever introduced. It has now changed the rugged individual American who detested government, to the troll now spying on their neighbors and assaulting their neighbors in the e streets.

The E Streets is what this is all about. Yes Facebook uses the excuse for data minding and terrorizing people that "we" must have our information stored on their servers to prove who we are........but anyone named Assbutton can inform on TL, and Facebook never asks them to identify who they are.

You people are corrupted. You exist in literal gulags and e gulags. You have been transformed from Americans to Soviets. That is what the attacks against Vladimir Putin are all about, because the western Soviets are now more communist than Mr. Putin who has become more American in values, human rights and dignity.

You Americansa are being brainwashed, are inslaved, are indoctrinated, have an open door to escape..........but just like the junkie you can not let go of that syringe filled with your e LSD mind altering you to evil from the good which you once were.

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most heinous and malevolent agents of any regime in history. He surpasses Pravda and Pyongyang, because those minder zones, never were able to capture a majority of the culture through print or media. Facebook though has by slight of mind conditioned Americans to be snitches on others, E assassins, who are murdering their own freedoms and these degenerates are so much in a Facebook stupor they do not even comprehend it.

I hope for a day in a western Revolution, where Robes Pierre Courts or People's Courts will be the law of each land, and these E Rapists, like Mark Zuckerberg are put on trial for all the assaults they made upon a national identity for the Obama regime, and then face the same public sentence which the French performed in cleansing their nation legally.
Joseph Goebbels is held as the worst propaganda minister of all time. Joseph Goebbels of the National Socialist of Germany is fresh air, compared to the stench of Mark Zuckerberg in his mind conditioning for the Feudalist Obama regime.

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