Sunday, October 18, 2015

Feeding with the Pigs

It was an odd thing today, in I have been observing the big farmers here, in trying to implement a natural fertilizer in seeding in turnips, which grow and then rot over winter, and that is fertilizer in the spring.

I have no idea if this is some subsidized program, but in checking yesterday I was surprised in my trespass to find they are planting purple top turnips and daikon radishes from Japan.

The radishes are very good, but not a good stand as it is a drought here. So I kept to the bottomlands and this morning while my Catholics were at services saying Hail Mary's, I was out being Jesus, wading through the fields picking up a batch of daikon to make into pickled radishes.
There was no confirmed recipe, so I just did mustard, tumeric, sugar, fire pepper and garlic.

I still need to find a way to get a bucket into a field and not be caught, as it would be embarrassing to be doing this for food, while others do it proudly with a welfare card in the grocery.

Out of hundreds of thousands of plants, the few I will gather will mean nothing. It is though what poverty is in bringing this blog to you. You order take out and I steal food like Les Miserables.

I doubt anyone would deny me this picking, in an excuse I would make for the goats as treats, as I would not admit to being this poor. The doe last night tore half her face off from demon attack, as the one buck was out of the pen, having jumped that is what I was doing at midnight.
It is not speaking evil, but the doe will die as she has that genetic disease Nubians have apparently. I certainly have had enough of death, along  with waking up furious a few nights ago, as someone was having a fit of rage in their existences as TL is not there to be Cinderfella to wait on them.

The reason I am not asking for permission, is if these people figure out this is food........they are going to see value in it, and that will become a problem, and pretty soon everyone is going to be out in these various fields foraging. It is better to have the masses think it is a "field of something growing" than a source of food.

You though my poor children, now know a secret of where food is.

My plan is to act moderately interested and stupid. To bring the subject up, tell the big farmers how successful it is and how intelligent it is to be doing it. Farmers are like...........computers. You put information into them, and they just follow orders.....get one to do something and they all will do it.
Convince them the thing they are doing is working, and I will have fields of turnips and daikons for the people have no idea what the hell a long radish is from Japan, and no one wants to eat damn turnips as...........most do not know that autumn turnips are sweet and lovely things.

I am impressed in this, as I did not believe the late planting would produce anything. Too close of planting did not allow them to bulb up greatly, but this is an experiment I was pleased others funded. I am quite snoopy and the minute I saw these fields, I was puzzling over them and immediately by the Holy Ghost discerned I had turnips growing here.............and I have been burdening TL now for 2 months checking them and chattering on about them.

The daikon is brilliant as they grow faster, root deeper and therefore get the fertilizer something I am going to have to mention though about those radishes not reaching down far enough, so perhaps they need to chisel plough the fields deeper to break up the subsoil.

Will be a project for future brainwashing of my rich people which I pasture.

As an update, dead skunk at the Stop sign appears to be a success. The vial has not moved. Appeared to be a bit more spinning around corners though as the dopers apparently were not pleased. Someone did take a piss on the road there........Lord God is there allot of beer being drank by these children, as it looks like an Army mule is pissing in these spots.
There is something though in psychology which I do not understand yet in the forensics, in why these males always are pissing in the road......not on the ditch where no one will see and where they will not get road splatter on them. It seems illogical, but perhaps their mum's did allot of shoving their baby shit in people's faces and celebrating that event.
Then again I grew up in a place where your not keeping yourself hidden could get you killed. You just don't leave signs or others know you are around.

It is not that I like turnips, but it is like air. When that is all there is to eat or to breathe, you just thank God.

I think I will mention sometime to Big Farm that they can raise wheat.......and they used to raise turnips and things for stock feed........then again that would have me competing with cows.......perhaps is best to just praise them on success and cheap fertilizer.

I still be they got this seed in some promotion....yeah another rich welfare program and here I am like Jesus, no place to lay our heads and stealing turnips like hogs rooting for acorns.

Luke 6:1

And it came to pass on the second sabbath after the first, that he went through the corn fields; and his disciples plucked the ears of corn, and did eat, rubbing them in their hands.

Jesus had self righteous rich people too in His ministry who never donated just like this blog.