Sunday, October 18, 2015

Trumpchurian Candidate

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Jeb Bush has got to be the the most unaware politician on this planet as Donald Trump leads Jebpanzee around the primaries on the issue of George W. Bush.

You do remember that Jeb Bush betrayed his older brother, President George W. Bush as Jebpanzee went scorched earth on Conservatives.
After that catastrophe, Jeb started trying to undo the disaster with running a photo of Jeb with President Reagan.......and then having to go to George and beg him to go raise money for Jeb's campaign, as the donors wanted nothing to do with this Mexican straddler.

The Lame Cherry is going to give you an insight to all of this, as Jeb Bush is running attack ads targeting Donald Trump, because Donald Trump got Jeb to flip flop in the second Trump debate, by correctly pointing out that George W. Bush did not keep Americans safe, as 9 11 was not safe, nor the interlude since, which put secular Islamist Obama into the Oval Office.

You know things have gotten out of control, when Henry Kissinger of the Rockefeller, takes pages to try and explain what the hell America has to try to do in the Mideast, after George W. Bush broke it and Birther Hussein shattered it.
OPEC is literally at war with American Big Frac. It is a disaster.

What I desire for you to understand is, that after Mr. Trump made Jeb Bush flip flop, that Jeb who scorched the right wing, and was going after the leftists......just was exposed as a fraud backstabber of his brother, while stabbing the voters in the back who had problems with George W. Bush.

Jeb Bush is so out of sorts, that his polling showed to go after Donald Trump.......the American who is defending America from Bush invaders in trying to smear Donald  Trump.

All this is going to do is cement the Trump voters in more solid and infuriate them to go out and scorch earth Jeb Bush in making certain this fraud is defeated.

So you get this, Jeb Bush is running ads about Donald Trump, increasing Mr. Trump's exposure, burning up Jeb Bush's fag billionaire donations. In Hollywood, they would call this, "Just spell my name right as all the publicity helps".

So Jeb Bush fell into a Donald Trump salient, while Jeb Bush was being a criminal engaged in RATFUCKING, planting deluded little teenagers and apparently bubba Muslim haters into Trump question sessions in election tampering, in the worst Birther Obama form. That is what winning looks like and what a campaign for President looks like.

“Jeb Bush combines the worst qualities of his father and brother without any of their strengths; he’s also already spent a fortune, with almost nothing to show for it,”

Michael Walsh
New York Post

Look at this politically so you understand this completely. Donald  Trump has the GOP majority solidified which Jeb Bush rejected and trashed like his old man. In one comment, Jeb Bush landed with all fours onto the George W. Bush issue in taking a position of defending President Bush, which all of the people Jeb was counting on to vote for him, detest.
So in one swoop, Donald Trump maneuvered Jeb Bush to alienate himself from the entire left and the right who Jeb Bush had already alienated beyond repair, is not going to be fooled back into this Obammmer Jeb of invasion, common core and dead Reagan.

That is brilliant political tactic by Donald Trump, and that is what the real polling data is showing. Jeb Bush is burning resources in attack ads, and you go attack ad when you have nothing the voters want or desire, and that is Jeb Bush, first and last.

I do not believe I am doing any damage to Mr. Trump in revealing this, because when people become aware that Donald Trump handed Jeb Bush a rope and Jeb Bush hung himself with it. Literally, you can call Jeb Bush the TRUMPCHURIAN CANDIDATE as the reality is when Donald Trump can manipulate this Jebpanzee that simply by simply tossing a banana at him, you have to realize what President Vladimir Putin is going to do to Jeb Bush in making Jebpanzee swing from the trees.

I am reminded in Chisolm, a movie which John Wayne starred. It was the script of two western land barons in Wayne and Forrest Tucker duking it out. Tucker was evil, and employed all kinds of feints which were illegal, and had the law on his side.
In a card game, the crooked Sheriff played by Bruce Cabott, a great Conservative American actor, won a hand of poker from the actor playing Pat Garrett, portrayed by Glenn Corbett.
Cabott brags to his boss, Tucker, that he won the hand.
Tucker just laughed and said, "Yeah you just keep believing that."

The "that" was that Garrett then went to work for John Wayne which is the last thing that Tucker wanted.

Jeb Bush is like the crooked Sheriff in Bush thinks he is winning, and has no comprehension as he fights the false flag in front of him, he is being flanked and engulfed in the rear.

This is why Jeb Bush does not belong anywhere near the White House, no more than a crook like Biden or Clinton. You really want people this easily manipulated or their response to reality is, "Well that does not matter", as if a President can have that as a policy when Americans are without jobs or Mr. Putin is securing the Mideast.
That is the point of image Obama, in his bluff was called over Syria, and now facing a real man in the theater of war in Vladimir Putin, image Obama is now backing away and cheering Mr. Putin as if Obama is trying to make the world notice that America has just been humiliated and lost all diplomatic standing in the world.

I desire you to understand this by explaining the above, that Donald Trump has proven since the start of this Presidential Campaign that he knows what he is doing, and while others are looking at the inferno being started against him by the Bush fire starters, Mr. Trump is easily taking them apart on his terms, and none of them from Megyn Kelly to Jeb Bush has figured out they have been outsmarted.
Honestly, I have not witnessed this kind of intelligence operation running so successfully for America's good, since the 1970's when Americans had the Soviets murdering their own people.

After all of this, I have absolutely no respect for Jeb Bush. It stuns me in the cast he has surrounded himself with from CIA HW Bush's fogies, to President W's astute advisers that none of them have noted any of the above.
With one sentence, dropped in to a debate, Donald Trump made Jeb Bush change his entire campaign. That is not a leader for the White House in Jeb Bush, but a chimp, an organ grinder's monkey responding to peanuts thrown.

Jeb Bush has become the Trumpchurian Candidate. Donald Trump has proven he belongs as the next American President in 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.