Saturday, October 24, 2015

General Donald Trump


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was reading Zero Hedge in their assessment of Donald Trump or more to the point of poking a stick up the rectum of the power elites who have been on a Trump hate from day one, and something Inspired me. As this is not going to hurt Donald Trump's campaign, it does it well to make the voters aware of who Donald Trump is, because it is foreign to most of the flabby thigh Hillarys and jowel jab Jebs.

I am going to surprise you in something which is going to sound too simple, but what is foreign to all of you, and to the elite, is what you are witnessing in Donald Trump is a leader.

A leader takes risks. A leader makes decisions. A leader makes an impression that he or she knows what she is doing when all the rest of the world is quaking in their boots or looking for a mob to join to take one step forward.
The power elite in  America and this world, enjoy dictating to people from their billionaire enclaves. Donald Trump does not take orders nor does he back down from them. That is why they hate Mr. Trump in the power elite can not control him, and he does not fawn over them validating the false impression that they are better than everyone else.

I desire you to understand this, in Donald Trump is not someone who lives by polls to make a decision as Bill Clinton did with Dick Morris.
Donald Trump is not a Barack Obama who has Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid doing all the hard work for him, while Hillary Clinton and John Kerry do all the dirty work.

I am going to take you back into history to some great leaders to show you what you are witnessing in Donald Trump.

General Bernard Law Montgomery was the British Hero of World War II. He once told a little boy in England that he killed thousands of people as he gave the child are ride to school. The little boy whimpered in wanting to get out of the car, please sir. Montgomery laughed.

General Montgomery took over Egypt when General Rommel was kicking the death into the British. Orders were given to officers to shoot any Tommy who ran from the battle, as it was that bad. The General arrived in this mayhem, and he looked calm. He looked he knew what he was doing. He sounded like he knew what he was doing. He was not afraid. The Tommies looked at him and thought, "Maybe there is bloody well nothing to be afraid of", and when the General told them, "Now look here. These plans were all wrong. I have fixed the plans now and we will win, because I am a winner.", and the British never lost another battle.

The great American General George S. Patton, was hated by the same elite and liberals who hate Donald Trump. General Patton understood something though, that he had to be wearing his ivory pistols, strutting around, sounding brash, because the men expected it of him, because that is what a leader does.
America had not won a thing in World War II, until George Patton invaded Africa in Operation Torch. He told General Marshall that it was a stupid plan, but he could make it work, and he did.

General Patton said, Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man. That is what the GOP has been running for decades in a fixed political game of candidates who were not Ronald Reagan. The elite have lied to all of you, robbed all of you and enslaved all of you. All Donald Trump has done is told all of you that the gulag has no door and you are free to think and say what you are.

General Montegomery said, "Decisions! A General, a Commander in Chief who has not got the quality of decision, then he is no good".
That is what Donald Trump has been implementing in his own mind, his own process, his own decisions which he believes in. All of these other candidates are polling, lying to people and allowing their political minders to write the script for them, and that is why they do not resonate with people, as you are hearing all of those lies in their reverse speech.
Donald Trump believes what he is saying as True, because it is the Truth, and that Truth is why you are supporting him in growing numbers, once you start listening to him and not the lies and smears about him.

What you see in Donald Trump is a leader. The same leader that President Vladimir Putin is on the world stage. Any enduring leader is a man or woman, who simply knows who they are and does not back down and wins enough at it, that others give way.

Leaders like that are attacked for being arrogant, by the weak, because these little piss ants exist in this castrated world where if you say something to someone, that other person is supposed to back down, apologize, change or bend over for a dick up the ass and say thank you. Donald Trump is not that kind of deceptive flatterer, who worries about your feelings, when he knows there are a billion other people who are just as hurt by your piss ant feelings.

The Europeans hated Americans for being brash. That is code for Americans did not bow and scrape like Obama does to validate their insecurities. One can see how that Obama bowing and apologizing has worked out, as terrorists and nations hate and detest America worse than under George W. Bush, and now the new hero to the world is Vladimir Putin who had the audacity to not slink away when Rush Limbaugh called him a thug and Homo Hannity called him a gangster.
Vladimir Putin just responded by protecting Russians in Ukraine and protecting Christians in Syria and blowing the hell out of Obama's ISIS, which has now exposed what a fraud the entire Pentagon air war has been against ISIS, as image Obama was arming them and protecting these terrorists who were raping women and selling children in the market.

So you children and brats had better get used to what a leader looks like, because either you be good little children and fall into line, or you are going to get yourself some flatterer who is going to murder you with drones or the police state, or you are going to get some Macho Macheezmo who is going to be backed by Muslim terrorists or even Vladimir Putin who will seize power in America and walk you all out to the Grand Canyon and fill it up with your dead corpses.

We are entering an age when the world is going to be led by leaders. The anti Christ being the worst. I have warned all of you that history requires as strong and aggressive jingoistic leaders of their peoples like Patton, Montgomery to meet the Tojo and the Hitler in strength meeting strength, or else you have the Italians crumbling and destroying their leader, and begin generations of Balkanized political rule.

I warned all of you that is what the elite had in store for America was Balkanized political elections. The Democrats are frauds, as Jim Webb stated as he was not going to be a part of a Hillary Coronation, as much as Jeb Bush and his Jebcavers were diving the party up so his pathetic few votes would win out in the end as a winner take all, among 16 candidates.

For those who do not get this, Donald Trump, is thee only person who saw what the Lame Cherry warned you of in Balkanized Bush Clinton elections, and the reality is, he saw a way to make political war on the enemies of America's terms, and he is in the art of the deal, kicking their asses, and these scripted frauds have no idea how to deal with him, as they think he is like them in a few attacks he is supposed to fold, or he is supposed to stand around like a statue in Hillary and Jeb, when criminal charges arise, and trust in the elite stealing the election for them in e vote fraud.

Donald Trump is very good at what he does. He is a diplomatic master. He is not a fixed fortification, but is moving like Patton's 3rd Army as he surveyed the enemies battle plans, produced his own like Montgomery and has been advancing as a moving target, driving back those who were given the field.

Donald Trump is exactly who America and the world needs at this critical point before the Great Eurasian War. Donald Trump is a leader, first and last, and always. That is what is perplexing the people who are attacking him, as he is not coddling them or appealing to their weaknesses, but like Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, Donald Trump is appealing to the better angels of American nature, instead of chopping off their wings in another Obama jihad.

Donald Trump is a leader. You do not see many of them and that is why he seems different to you. That is why the dictator mob is afraid of him and going insane. They know he is a threat to their gulag control. Donald Trump as I informed all of you is teaching you how to fight and be Americans again. That is what leader does in freeing his people to be who they are.

Donald Trump is a leader.