Saturday, October 24, 2015



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I discovered this afternoon that Daisy cow kicking me in the genitals was not something I appreciate nor that feels pleasant.
As you start to react in laughing at this, I discovered after years of exposure to cattle, that they can indeed kick forward and to the side, as I pull burrs from their tail. It is an awesome discovery as I have seen calves kicked, been kicked at while trying to milk, but Daisy is quite a find in being capable to kick forward and out.
If I was one inch more forward, I probably would be still laying their not enjoying the gaining of this knowledge.

A few days ago as TL and I were standing there, both calves observed something and bolted toward the spectre, blowing by us.

The cats I have noticed off and on, have acted bizarre as if someone has been scaring them, for no reason. It is none of us, so this progresses to a reality, like the entity which spooked the doe goat, to gouge her eye out, that something unwanted is spiking things here again.

I have suspicions. I will have to track this down in Inquiry even if I already know the answer.

Daisy has expanded my knowledge in she does like pumpkins and cucumbers. It is nice to know these are garden fodder heifers as anything surplus may now be turned into them, not as energy spikes from something evil, but is my hope of something positive.

I will not have these situations repeating again. Breaking trust is something I will not accept nor condone.