Monday, October 19, 2015

George Bush quote:"Jeb Bush is Adios"

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There has been a festering problem in the Jeb Bush campaign, and it surfaced in a Politico story of a behind the scenes donor gathering hosted by President George W. Bush in Colorado. In that event, the news was not the featured bitch slap which George W. leveled at Ted Cruz, as W. hates and loathes Cruz, who used to work for W. in 2000.

Talk about an ingrate. George W. Bush gave this Canadian Ted Cruz a start in life, and Cruz is off with the Rockefellers, writing hate memoirs about George W. Bush, and literally locked up all the major money in Texas.

It was more the statement which George W. Bush said about his brother which is a signal, that W. has read the handwriting on the wall and pronounced lil brother Jeb's presidential run DOA and  that Marco Rubio is the establishments replacement for Jeb Bush.

“He’s a young, first-term senator (Rubio); I’m not sure if that qualifies you to be president,” Bush reportedly said, according to two people in the room. “Of course, if he wins [the nomination], I’ll be back here next year telling you that doesn’t matter.”

That translates in Jeb is adios, and donors should not back Rubio, but that George W. Bush is going to be raising funds for Marco Rubio.

Oddly in this, George W. Bush did not have one negative thing to say about Donald Trump. The only thing President Bush had to say in context, is that Bush was fuming about Taco Cruz running a fawning campaign pretending to be close to Mr. Trump, and then Cruz was "expecting" to inherit Mr. Trump's voting block.

If one projects this out, the following is what George W. Bush stated to donors. Mr. Bush is not going to be out wasting his time trying to save his brother Jeb's failed campaign. This whoring of George has reached it's limits.
The establishment has kicked Jeb to the curve, no matter what the long shot, long haul strategy being espoused is, and their choice is Marco Rubio.

If Marco Rubio makes it, he will be pressed on Mr. Trump as Vice President............that means in the words of George W. Bush, W. is going to be working for Marco Rubio in fundraising, and that means President George W. Bush will be working for Donald Trump in this next election.

Ponder that in what was between the lines in the projective outcome of what President Bush was telling donors. W. is informing you of the insider information, and what he knows will be the outcome in all of this. George W. Bush is absolutely comfortable with Marco Rubio replacing his brother Jeb, and Mr. Bush has absolutely no problems with a President named Donald Trump.