Monday, October 19, 2015

Thank you for the Nice Day


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Thank you for sharing your nice day, as we needed it. I am just sitting down this afternoon and will be here and back, as I have to make a cookie bar for desert.

Our day was gorgeous and a blessing, as I always look at autumn as one more day closer to spring.

I am back......

What I was doing was, canning pumpkin. This is a super secret old pumpkin that is stringy, but when you blend it, it makes the best pumpkin pie ever. Has been my major project for a few years, and one pumpkin gave 12 quarts I think.......yeah allot of pumpkin, but TL wants to experiment, so we have two other jumbos to deal with. They are not like that pumpkin I heard of in North Dakota at 1600 pounds, but are pretty big.
They carve up easy into slices, and the seeds clean easily.....I counted them about 250 to a pumpkin, so are not too many. This is a French variety in history and am pleased in how they are doing.

I was thinking with TL to put a corn shock and some pumpkins by our mailbox here, but with the wind we have at times, and the skunk trompers, I would think they would disappear in the pumpkins. I need them yet, maybe some year when I want someone to steal them so I do not have them around here, I will oblige them a little recreation.

That is the thing here, in we never have trick or treaters as we are too remote. Better to concentrate in the cities where the haul is huge. I never was allowed to go.....parents too lazy to take me out for a few hours, but as I thought candy was food group, I probably would have swelled up in eating all of those treats.
I spoke to our old neighbor I was helping bring in water jugs to be filled at the grocery, and she was making like 80 popcorn balls she hands out. She has piles of grandkids and people she gives them to.

Let me see, cookie baking in a bar as I have no time for cookies..........pumpkin stuff which took all day in baking the slices.........oh yes, for additional project I stopped procrastinating and TL and I started putting the siding on the garage we started last year. I had problems with drill bits breaking and was phobic about them breaking again, but it all went well, and we did both sides quickly. I just have to trim some metal off the ends, but will do that after we do the end, which means more drilling tomorrow, but it does go fast thank God, as it is not me up on the roof baking like a fish in the sun.

These pumpkins would not really work for carving as they have this nipple on the end, and they like to roll over and lay down.......sort of like most politicians in not doing what they are supposed to be doing. We do have those Winter Luxury pumpkins though for George and Martha Washington pumpkin pie in the crust that I started as a tradition.......they are smallish, and would work. I probably will have to see about processing them, to see how they turn out, but I wonder about having gallons of pumpkin filling sitting around here, even if it is pretty.

Currently am reading two books, which will appear here......both free, and usually what God is moving me to write on. The Pilgrims is the one book, and it is not what Rush Limbaugh is lying to children about. The other is about George W. Bush......still trying to get a handle on that man in figuring out which side rope he was dwelling on.

TL and I keep thinking about decorating when we get our place. The current thing is looking at stamps for cookies in decorating. Odd how I link all holidays to food and not what the event is about.

I do not believe that acorns are poisonous in any of their species. They all though have tannin in them, as most nuts walnuts and pecans. That tanic acid is what people would think of as poison, but that is what is used to tan hides, hence the tanic name.
It is not that they are dangerous at all, just a bit of work in one has to either boil four times to leech the tannin out or smash them and then boil them to leech the tannin out. It simply is bitter like the pith of most nuts, and makes your mouth feel odd.
The Indians ate them by the bushels, as did settlers. They make a good flour, but are more work than most people care to be involved in. I came across a Turkey Oak, I believe it was.....still have some seeds of that one I picked, and they are huge. TL is still laughing at our picking them up in competition with a squirrel in the metro which was bombing us with them in trying to get us to leave.
We did leave for the brier patch and have not regretted it once, thank God. Tl said that Saturday was our anniversary of the day we came here last year. Seems like a blink of the eye in having gone so fast.

One can make acorn tea or coffee. I do not remember writing about it, but then I have been known to natter on about things in numerous languages to fill space. It might have been in my old gardening or foraging book period when I was in the metro. I would opt for that acorn use, as a quart of them would make enough to make it a treat.
People in the depression used to make coffee or tea out of allot of things. Goldenrod tea, catnip tea........and I made it out of roasted dandelion roots and it smells just like coffee........they used to make it out roasted barley too. There was a "Postum" coffee back in the day too which was roasted grain. Basically that is what most coffee is......just burned up grain. Coffee beans just have the caffeine that is the allure for Americans.

I probably have to start supper about now. Last night it was dark when we got back from our walk. The other night the one doe goat who it appears has now poked her eye out, had me outside and I was looking at the Milky Way. I never thought I would see it that clear and distinct ever again. It was amazing how sharp it was at 1 AM.
I keep seeing Orion starting to rise, and I want to mark the stars to sort them out for other constellations, now that the moon and I are on speaking terms in figuring out where she is going to be appearing.
One coyote was yipping in the distance as I stood there watching the stars. If these farmers and all their dust would crawl back into their couches  to become potatoes, it would be quiet here and the dust would settle.

Well that was me getting up and still sitting here, as I better go, and check that bar. Tonight Mom decided easy supper.....grilled chicken, cheese and mustard sandwich.....maybe Texas bbq sauce would be more pleasing.

Thank you for your  nice day. It always helps and God bless you with nothing but nice days and nights.