Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hillaryia Law

 Big Bern

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry celebrates the diversity of the Hillary Clinton debate as a grande victory for the Barack Hussein Obama historical legacy as for the first time the Democratic National Committee achieved the following:

  1. There were no Americans on stage at the Hillary Clinton debate stage.
  2. There were no white people diluting the Hillary Clinton debate stage.
  3. There were no Christians tainting the Hillary Clinton debate stage.
  4. There were no normal sexual people on the Hillary Clinton debate stage.
  • Hillary Clinton swings both ways.
  • Bernie Sanders swings one way.
  • Jim Webb the nigger knocker like knocking on Asian tundra fetish.
  • Mark O'Malley likes buttocks fetish exercise shots of himself to tease sodomites.
  • I forget who the other pervert was.

This truly was groundbreaking in CNN ran a non stop campaign disinfomercial for Hillary Clinton, and the males on the stage just agreed to a form of political Sadomasochism by being wire whipped by the leather underwear wearing Hamrod Clinton.

I would appreciate everyone realizing that Hillary Clinton is Muslim due to the fact she is being sucked by Huma the Muslim Wiener, as that is the kind of initiation which makes one a Muslim spouse. For that matter, She is Arabian, Jim Webb is Asian, Mark O' Malley is African, Bernie Sanders is a UFO alien from Mars and I forget who else was on stage, but certainly this entire all white group was not white, as this is the Democratic diversity in action.

I was also pleased that America is now under Hillaryia Law, a form of Sharia Law, where Mrs. Clinton's crimes are no longer an issue, as having gay Bernie Sanders announce he was sick of hearing the press having to be made to report on Hillary's crimes is law enough for all of us.

What we learned last evening is most important in two points:

  • Point Eins is that Dick Morris, is a moral man, who has miscalculated that America is no longer a place of free elections, as Mr. Morris before this event, stated that the debate would only hurt Hillary Clinton, and help the other minorities on stage........unless of course CNN ran a Hillary Hamrod Clinton Marathon as campaign disinformational propaganda program.
  • Americans have viewed exactly what 2016 is going to be, in Hillary disinformation, the criminally corrupt press covering for more Clinton crimes, and the rest of these straw dogs in the democratic party just standing around to get their nuts cut off by Mrs. Clinton.

Bernie Sanders is not going to be the nominee, and Hillary Clinton is not going to be indicted, but cleared by the Obama regime. The GOP handed Hillary carte blanche over the tainting of the Benghazi Investigation. There was not any Donald Trump in the left to break the hold Hillary Clinton has on that party, and what one witnessed last night was exactly what the Soviet experts used to witness in Red Square in the 1970's. A group of white criminals, blaming the world for being free, and claiming their diversity made them in solidarity with the dark skinned slaves and the white skinned gulag gang.

Once again, it is not surprising that this correct analysis is the only one which has appeared.

Oh and if you want proof of all of this........Bill Clinton did not waste his time there, because he knew Hillary was already the declared victor. Mr. Clinton is not going to waste his time when he has that fine blonde girlfriend he calls Hillary II, bending over and being all the things Hillary can never be as she coos over his legacy..........look the deal for Bill is he gets to finish all the things he did not as President in his own wing of the White House, if he puts up with all of this, but there is only so much theater Bill Clinton will waste his time on.

Presidential decision:

  • Room Service away from Hillary or be with Hillary in Vegas
  • A blonde not Hillary with Room Service or be with Hillary in Vegas

Bill Clinton is the one being Presidential...........and as you need to be told beyond Ed Klein, image Obama and Jarrett were f*cking over Hillary in all this email stuff. The Clinton's appealed to the American cartel, and their masters in Europe agreed to a deal in putting image Birther back on a leash in making the image Barack come out and give Criminal Hillary cover...and now having to walk it back.

That is the story in this........not the distraction of Hillaryia Law.

Now that I have grabbed you out of the darkness, you can stumble about to fall in again tomorrow.