Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Facebook now Pushing People to Commit Suicide

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We exist in a world now where powerful people exploit those on the edge, in order to use those people in need of validation for their own power or profit.

Take for example, the deluded groupie, Lauren Batchelder, who is being exploited by Jeb Bush, in having her join a criminal conspiracy to get Donald Trump. Young women on the edge posting love notes on Twitter to Jeb Bush during a GOP debate, is someone who is in need of psychological treatment.

This dovetails into the NSA manipulator, Mark Zuckerberg, in his Facebook programme, which in this new age of defined ads tracking users to make them trigger to buy products, to the hidden algorithms meant to trigger addictive natures, to the reality that Facebook terrorizes users in taking away their accounts on a whim, thereby denying them their identity, and you have a reality of a young Indian woman in India, just married, who was so mind controlled by Facebook, that she could not stay off her phone in spending more time with Mark Zuckerberg than her own hard working husband.

The husband noting the disaster this was to his marriage and the danger his wife was in, in this addictive personality which Mark Zuckerberg was triggering, took her smart phone from her.
The net result was the woman immediately retreated to her bedroom, which was her safe zone, locked the door, and hung herself, because Mark Zuckerberg had so conditioned this woman "that she had no identity without Facebook".

This is not any different than any Manchurian Candidate. You have young women in need of validation, being manipulated by powerful men for power and profit. Legally, Mark Zuckerberg is guilty of electronic homicide.  There is absolutely no difference than if Mark Zuckerberg had grabbed a girl off the streets in the 3rd world, shot her up with heroine for months, told her she was nothing without him, and then abandoning her in her being rescued from her, the young prostitute committed suicide as she could no life without her pimp.

All of this is a criminal reality of Mark Zuckerberg, and by the millions of addicts held hostage by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg's devious manipulations, which are the most advanced protocols the American NSA has generated, this young woman in India is not alone.
We only know about this headline, due to the British press, as the American Obama press covers up all of these events in America, and this woman's husband, tried to kill himself too in grief over this entire Facebook homicide scenario.

Mark Zuckerberg requires being held accountable for this crime. The reality is, if Mark Zuckerberg were doing this to children and adults in your community, he would have had SWAT breaking down his door, and he would have been branded in the ranks of the Jim Jones mind terrorists ruining innocent people's lives.

History is overflowing with the green kool aid makers who convince their followers to die as they can not live without them, as in David Koresch, Charlie Manson or any of a host of notorious manipulators who exploit those looking for answers.

How many more people are going to end up dead, with families ruined forever, until Mark Zuckerberg is held legally accountable for his crimes against humanity? The NSA should not be a shield for his crimes against those on the edge.

How long before an attorney brings Mark Zuckerberg to court for the murder of this Indian woman, because Mark Zuckerberg so degraded her of self esteem, that she could not live without Facebook.

How long?