Monday, October 5, 2015

HOlia Obama


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder why this story never saw the light of day in a little girl, whoring it up, sending out selfies to make Anthony Wiener's wiener come with the works, but while Gawker posted it, the Secret Service investigated it, the Obama puppy press never asked a word about it where the selfie of Malia Obama came from, whoring for a New York rap group called PRO ERA.
Pro Era is short for Progressive Era. yes a communist black revulsionary and I mean revulsionary foul mouthed chanter band to summon the ghosts of Marxist past.


........and yes their logo looks like a Nazi emblem, which is another comforting factor in the tastes of these adoptive Obama children out of control like their adoptive parents.

The Lame Cherry decided to track this down to investigate what inquiry pointed to, as people have the right to know the story behind this, as this has been sitting around since January 2015, in another Obama regime cover up.

This selfie was taken by Malia Obama in her bedroom. Sources said the pine trees in the back are the trees facing the White House residential quarters.
Close your eyes for this part, but this Obama girl, was sans all accoutrements, save the Pro Era t shirt as she was jamming to the trash talk, getting pumped read between the lines in what inquiry suggests.

Malia Obama is a groupie for Pro Era, and took the selfie, and then shared it with her "friend" who was listed as a source, who is a mutual whatever of Pro Era. MO took the ho photo to impress the rapper she gets wet for in:

Joey Bada$$. 


Yes this is the dream ever adoptive Obama parent thinks of, in you come home with something from Kenya, something out of a whorehouse in Hawaii. or out of the rap gutters of New York, named Joey Bada$$.
He reminds me of Jimmy Walker from Good Times, but then that is a digression, but at least Jimmy Walker has a career.


It probably begins to make sense why the Obama Jarrett puppy press covered this all up, as it sort of does not go with the public propaganda of the private lives of the Obama's in children out of control, taking whorish selfies, sneaking around behind their adoptive parents who are sneaking around on each other, sending selfies, to get oversexed black males erect, so they can be like Sweet Connie Kresky of "We're an American Band", band groupie whore.
That is what Sweet Connie told Maury Povitch long ago, when she revealed that Bill Clinton and her had sex. "I may be a whore, but I'm not a liar."

So that about wraps it up on another Obama cover up, exposed due to inquiry. Sort of makes sense in those photos of image Obama and Malia, going at in in fury, in this oversexed girl is out of control and the image can not handle it.

For the record, inquiry states these are not the first selfies Malia Obama sent, not the last, as she is still sending them. Nothing revealing more than the above, but all the same, who would not want a sequel to Dreams of My Obama, where Malia Bada$$' child writes of their family tradition of Stan Ann having under age sex with oversexed black men, and how it is all such a proper thing.

For those who need reminding. image Barack and Muchelle just sodomized America with a full press coming to make pedophilia legal in America, so selfies like the above are all going to be legal, just like Anthony Wiener's.

As of this writing though, all the Malia photos are only being shared with Jo-Vaughn Scott AKA Joey Bada$$. The 20 year old black male though, who has been according to inquiry, sharing them with his friends and telling them that Malia is not his girlfriend, but his "ho".
Not to worry though, as at 17, next July 4th she will be 18 years old, and then the adoptive parents will not be able to have the puppy press censor the story.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Nuff Said.