Monday, October 5, 2015

The Populist Winners


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If all of our lives were not in jeopardy, it would be amusing in how Donald Trump releases his tax plan to save America, while making the rich who are not paying taxes, pay taxes, that suddenly the Financial Times puts out their piece of Mockingbird, like Forbes, like AOL spinning stories that Trumps numbers have peaked, and that no populist has ever reached the White House since the 19th century.

October 4, 2015 7:52 pm

It’s still the middle class, dumbo

Yet no American populist has reached the Oval Office since the 19th century

For a reality check in propagandist Luce's history here are the facts as Luce does not name his "populist" of the 19th century, but it is suspect it is Andrew Jackson, not Thomas Jefferson, not US Grant.....see there are numbers of populists who ended up in the White House.

The populist message kept Theodore Roosevelt in the White House.....he would have won the Bull Moose, if the establishment had not shot Mr. Roosevelt.

FDR was a populist that reigned for 16 years. Dwight Eisenhower was a populist in being the poster boy winner for World War II.

Lyndon Johnson was a populist as Americans were guilt ridden over JFK's assassination. Jimmy Carter was a populist. Ronald Reagan was a populist. Bill Clinton was a populist and the illegitimate lying Barack Hussein Obama was a populist.

See populists always win in America when bad political events take place. Ross Perot would have won, but he did not want to be President.......only defeat George H. W. Bush over the missing POW's in Asia which Bush screwed over.

What is taking place now against Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders is the uber rich, had all of this plotted out in Americans would either choose Obama's 3rd term in Hillary or Jeb, and now it is Donald Trump or Bernie they are trying to get Biden into the race or replace Rubio with Jeb, as Big Koch funds Fiorina, to keep the rapine going against Americans, and keep the Justice Department under Donald Trump for hanging their criminal asses with full populist mob support.

Edward Luce is as big of tool as Michelle Malkin, Erik Erickson, Matt Walsh, Glenn Beck and whatever whore press is working for the Mockingbird intelligence elite to save their asses in this criminal rapine of robbing all of you in taxes, price gouging on energy and inflation keeping you at of homes and these slave wage jobs. That is what is behind the get Trump and get Sanders smear. All of these criminals hope once again to get the bleating sheep scared and distracted just long enough to steal another Obama election to genocide you, and that way, all of you will be dead and not longer a threat.

Donald Trump is a populist, as he is popular with the population, because he is saying what the population is thinking. That population just has to vote in big enough numbers and not be duped by propaganda, and Mr. Trump will do the rest in salvaging their lives.

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