Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hot Rod Habib

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am a firm believer in radical Islam, because it does exist. That may sound obvious, but for all the propaganda taking place from the elite, one would think that there is not such a thing.

I like Tim Rifat's Dirty Bomb Project, where you just keep saying Dirty Bomb, and it mesmerizes Muslims to ejaculatory power......well what it is, is OS, the Obama State, will hand over some Moldavan dirty nuke poo, and some Hosni will get led out to plant the thing like the Boston Bombers did for cover to get blamed, and next thing you know, some anti cartel area in a major metro will be sucking atomic energy.

See you have to blame them Slavs........Slavs started World War II World War III and they will be blamed for World War IV too. Just the way it is, and for it, get scorched earth. In the meantime though we have my favorite new character from MI6, we call him Hot Rod Habib.

Who could not admire a curly locked, little semite boy, dressed smartly and holding and RPG. I bet no one ever told him that he would shoot his eye out with that when he asked for it on Christmas.

I like Hot Rod, because he is rich, because he lives in green fertile lands, is better armed than college sheep in Umpqua Oregon or Washington..........don't really care about where the Americans get their mutton for Obama chops, but thing is, this is the British Press, the bloodly UK Mail, getting to put MI6 stories in print, threatening dead Obama with head removal, like Walt Disney got the cold storage for his brain in cryogenics.
Obama's corpse though is in the frozen food section aways off from the White House. Sort of fitting that Jarrett stuck him in the chicken entre section, but as long as it was not pork, I am sure he is cooler there than in hell where his soul is bound.

I think it is astute in Hot Rod calling image Obama the Dog of Rome. As the Pater Pope in reverse speech blurted out he loved image Obama....among other pedophile things, but all the same, this Jesuit flunky looking like Obama is on the leash of the Vatican in symbiotic rainbow association.
I was wondering if Hot Rod in threatening image Obama, if he was after the corpse or the shapeshifter. I was wondering if Hot Rod was going to use a sword or his RPG. If it was the RPG, I really wanted to recommend that Tim remember the Oklahoma City bomber who was still breathing when he was dead, and an image of him was seen later getting off a plane..........that Tim be brought back to teach Hot Rod how to decapitate with an RPG.

The ignorant will wonder what I am writing about again as so many of your are uninformed. See McVeigh was featured in Playboy back in the day, and he was a real sharpshooter....not with a rifle, but missiles.
No shit Charlie Chan man, Tim zeroed in on the head of one of Saddam's elite, and capped him with an anti tank missile.....took his head off from the stump. Great shot really as it was way out there, and Tim celebrated, his unit laughed and celebrated, and the Pentagon in those years just kind of said it was ..........well not something we do, but we are not going to court martial Tim.

So that is why I was wondering if Tim was going to come back and teach Hot Rod how to use an RPG to decapitate his Dog of Rome targets.
See Obama is a jinn, and that means the big question, in can you really do any harm to a shapeshifter spook? Hot Rod though might get lucky in capping one of the six flesh crawlers who are posing as Obama though and I doubt Hot Rod would be receiving any medal in America for that kind of kill shot.

Personally, I think Muchelle Obama should auction off the little Ho named Malia who was featured on this blog in just her t shirt and looking all sudsy for that Dicky Uptheanus rapstser she was getting dew on the lily for......and instead send Malia off to be this 10 year olds Islamic wife.
I hear in Obama's Mideast that 10 rapes turn a woman into a Muslim. In the rest of the world, it usually turns them into a prostitute, but I don't get the translation of Sharia law and that sex thing.
I do think though Hot Rod is a good husband material for Homalia, as he has a job, he is rich, has fine clothes, and is not bluffed by image Obama. That kind of stuff goes a long way to appealing to young girls about to be 18 in having a real bad ass in life and not one on the stage.
I figure if Muchelle throws in 100 pounds of plutonium, a hand full of kryptonite switches, some C 4, and her son in law will be like the.....China, Russia, America, Britain, Germany, Turkey, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Pakistan, India, South Africa.....would be like the 16th largest nuclear power on the planet, and what little daughter of a Muslim Obama would not like to be Queen of Plutonia eh.

Ok here is Homalia official title, the Queen of Plutonia, Lioness of the Caliphate, Whore of that is taken, Prositute of Persia is better............Keeper of the Nether Flame.....that should do for starters as I am sure the sister who looks like a linebacker will be upset, but I am sure for some glow in the dark watches that Muchelle could find some 10 year old man to stand up to her adoptive image father.

I will just bet that Hot Rod Habib, did not have to pass any background check, fill out any BATF forms, or is under NSA surveillance, as that RPG came directly from image Obama as did his threads. Why is it Muslim kids have more freedom than American children in the Age of Obama?

Well anyway that about wraps all of this up, as I hear you can either send fan mail to Hot Rod via Scotland Yard or just address it as:

The Kid Obama gave an RPG to.
London, England.

For all those liberal mothers thinking they could get their daughters or sons married to this hunky Obama terrorist first, please realize that we all must make sacrafices, in we have to think of the damaged goods that Homalia is......we do not want her having to sell it on the street to make a living, as that will put a burden on the real prostitutes who are trying to make their way in life, without the benefit of becoming Muslim after being raped by 10 rapists.........


I wonder what you get if Bill Cosby rapes you once? Must be something Islamic as Obama and Bill were bossom buddies awhile back.

Nuff said