Wednesday, October 7, 2015



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Reason online magazine, blog or whatever was featured on Drudge Report.........and Drudge did an interview with Alex Jones or something, perhaps Dr. David Duke will be next to interview Mr. Drudge.

Anyway, there was a color tag sale at the junk store today, we spent 13 dollars, and got like 15 sweatshirts and t shirts, some girly tops, a Robin Hood book, 3 antique plates, and it would have been like 50 bucks otherwise and in Walmart it would have been like 200 bucks. I do not mind wearing dead people clothes nor having dead people dishes.

Reason had 5 steps to make America a gun free zone which would bring a civil war. I on the other hand deem it more of a reasonable response if the Gun Owners would just elect Donald Trump and a make a majority in Congress terrified of Mr. Trump and his mob, and pass an Amendment to expatriate all these traitors and boot their asses out of America with all the non Americans.

Sort of solves it all a great deal faster.....confiscate their goods and you got basically that 3% which owns most of the world, and call it redistribution of wealth.

The thing that caught my attention was Reason is clever, as they just do not ask for donations. They thought up mega ways to donate, not leaving any outs really.

This sounds promising as I was thinking those richtards should cash in stocks, but Reason just says, "Hey sign over your stocks to Lame Cherry." It is amazing in Lame Cherry could be your heir, but then I would have to wait for you to die, and that seems morbid...........I have had enough of death of good things and bad things never seem to die.

I do not know how one could FAX donate, but then I am in a world where I measure quarter sale on clothes as my opportunity of opportunities.

The antique plates were once given away by grocery stores for free. Is all we had, and most are broken, but they are like 60 cents a plate, or soup bowl and this one was not chipped and rounds out our set.

I notice Reason does not accept kidneys or cadavers. I suppose that is frowned on. I have had to turn down guns and knives, and that I regret. Not because I do not like them, but because it would leave a trail and endanger the people donating.

I sit here writing this in clothes from other people. I am drinking from a Dinty Moore can, I made into a tin cup........watching a repeat DVD of I am Legend with Will Smith.......damn depressing movie and a waste of resources as with all the problems we have, it is like having a stick poked in your eye.

At the feed store, I have mentioned Lacey is there. She is a rescue puppy.  She is always there even when the owner is off doing things. Was a crippled lab there today that growled at TL. Lacey started doing something the past three weeks though which is nice.
Lacey smiles at me, when she sees me. She has this crooked little smile and she gets all excited. She goes in a circle as I bend down and pet her, rubbing all over me. She is a really good puppy.

I never realized how a sliced beet reminds me so much of male testicles. Lot's of things remind me things.