Friday, October 9, 2015

Just a Few Answers


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It was nice hearing from Jane today, to know she was not washed out to the sea of Joaquin. I just basically had time to check email today for the first time. It was interesting in I have upset someone in Homoland again as she was getting this message, which meant others were too in trying to find the blog.

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Friday is the slow day at Homoland, so it is either getting the sticky off your fingers in washing with industrial strength detergent or jamming the Lame Cherry, so people can not read things. Never know what sets them off, as I have been quite fair to Bill Clinton.

Captain Kirk wondered about something he was notified from DOD too.

I was just notified today by the DoD that they want to pull my TS/SCI security clearance. Do you think they are coming after me?

To answer, coming after you might not be the correct verbiage, but there is a concerted effort being engaged in to "thin the ranks" of those with security clearances, so that you will not be able to use them in a future time against the regime.  As stated, it is a number of fish in the brook or just being one of the popular girls. This is not something isolated, but there are protocols being engaged in that numbers of people are being tagged, criminalized for not answer census cards and whatever is in this stealth fish net.
It it was not this excuse it would be another like Bobby Ray Inman, prancing around as a fag at the Bohemian Grove to be popular. Just fine in helping your career out, but when the cartel is looking for a Bill Cohen to mind things, then all of a sudden the gaysters in Austin start whispering things about what they were being fed.

As for parts of my day........Baby Daisy has proven she is Jersey intelligent in remembering seeing me go through a gap in the gate, and she now tries every day.....including lifting a blanket up I had covering that hole. Both girls love being they find burdock burrs to fill their tails each day.
Sad in I had to sell our sterile bull, created by some demonic enhanced prayer again......I used to warm his ears daily as a calf in January so they would not freeze off. Always feels like a betrayal in slaughter as he never tried to kill me.
Potatoes are dug.......very large this year, but not over abundance....back hurts.
Talked to a landowner who was digging out a culvert by hand for 2 hours today.......I can never get away from the friendly locals.
TL is cat rich........Lord is like walking on a cat magic carpet in them swarming around at feeding.
Am healing from 2 sore thumbs.....jammed something under the nail yesterday and jammed a wire in the other as Daisy was attempting to get through the gate in being zealous.
Picked a 3 gallon pail of Lemon cucumbers.....of course all are orange now in too ripe......could not see them for all the leaves least should have a pile of seed, praise God for that.
I really need 3 more months of summer.
Have cattle and horses now grazing in fall pasture of a few acres. They look like they swallowed a hippo in being so full.

I think that is about it. Everything is boring me in the media. They are like sharks eating their own need for me to do any eviscerating as the stooges destroying each other saves what energies I have.

God's Night my children.