Saturday, October 10, 2015

German Weapons Law Reform of 1938 AD

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In Germany 1928, the government passed into law strict anti gun registration and licensing, hindering German citizens from owning guns or possessing them.

A reformer who came to power in Germany in 1933, and in 1938 this reformer rewrote with his party anti gun German laws with the following:

Long guns were exempted from the purchase permit regulations.

The age to purchase firearms was lowered from age 20 to age 18.

The permit to carry firearms was lengthened from 1 year to 3 years.

Restrictions on the individual German citizen in owning numbers of firearms and the amount of ammunition were removed.

The reformer was Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party.

Upon the conclusion of 1945 in World War II, General Dwight Eisenhower and American officials were aghast at finding German homes filled with firearms. Eisenhower instead of upholding an American Second Amendment or German rights, ordered confiscation of all German firearms.
The Soviet's in their sector simply shot any Germans who had firearms.

We often hear the propaganda that Hitler and the Nazi's banned gun ownership. The real history brings forward the facts, that it was the puppet extreme leftist regime which the allies propagated led by Jewish intellectuals and secularists after the removal of Kaiser Wilhelm, was the regime which grabbed all the German guns.

Why, so the Germans would not revolt and throw off these despots.

The Hitler government did not impose any new firearms restrictions on Germans. While they did not remove all gun regulations, the fact is Adolf Hitler armed German private citizens with MORE rights than Americans have in their 2nd Amendment in the Obama 21st century.

The fact is, German law gave rights to Germans by ethnicity and not including a religion as in Jews. The fact is that while the National Socialists in Germany in 1938 did not allow the Jewish religion from manufacturing or dealing in firearms, Adolf Hitler did not ban Germans from purchasing or owning firearms.

The regime which ruled Germany after World War I, was one not of Germans, but of two religions embedded in the socialists, it was Jewry and centrist Catholics who drove the German economy to ruin and disarmed the people.

Adolf Hitler did require a permit for a handgun. Muzzle loading guns were exempted. There is something in the 1938 German Weapon's Law which is revolutionary, as if a hunter had a license for hunting game, they did not need a handgun permit carry a weapon.
The hunter license over ruled all gun laws, and afforded the hunter freedom from gun laws.

These are the details of Adolf Hitler's Gun Laws for Germans:

People under 18 could not buy firearms.

People mentally retarded or incompetent.

Gypsies or vagabonds.

Criminals on parole

Persons guilty of treason.

People guilty of misdemeanors sentenced to more than 2 weeks in prison.

You will note not a mention of Jews, and these laws would be a welcome overhaul to the thousands of American regulation infringing on Constitutional Rights.

The manufacturers, sales, importation and possession was prohibited in three areas.

Trick guns, as in cane guns or belt buckle guns.

Silencers or spotlights.

22 caliber hollow point bullets.

Again, no assault weapons bans, no bans on full automatic firearms and no bans on high magazine firearms.

The purpose of the above is not to promote Adolf Hitler, but to expose you to understand how all of you have been lied to about German gun laws. It was leftist German intellectuals in Jewry and the Vatican who banned gun ownership.
It was Adolf Hitler who returned gun rights to Germans, and it was Truman and Stalin who deprived Germans of their rights again to gun ownership.

Germany under Adolf Hitler was more free in gun ownership than America is in the 21st century.