Friday, October 30, 2015

Note to Faglock Holmes


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Noted British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, took to the stage after his performance of Hamlet, where he read a whiner poem from Somalia, did something else and then ranted, "FUCK THE POLITICIANS", as he was upset that the British Government of pig fucker David Cameron is not doing enough for Syrian Refugees.

Cumberbatch in typical liberal dictates was asking for everyone else to donate money for the Syrians and not mentioning how many millions he has donated...........which he has not.

It is always the same with the liberal actors. How many thousand Syrians has Cumberbatch brought into his home? How many estates has he leased to house and feed these Syrians.........created by his liberals who created the genocide  in Syria.

For a look into Cumberbatch's idiocy, here is an interview of what he believes:

Turning to politics in the U.S., Benedict Cumberbatch thinks that now that Americans have elected a black President in Barack Obama, they need to next elect a woman, and then someone gay. And speaking of gays, Ben shared some more interesting things about going to an all male boarding school when he was young and his experience with homophobia.
“In an all-male boarding school, in the olden days, it was seen as being something that ‘just happened’ since there were no girls, so you had a bit of an experience. But there was incredible homophobia at my school, to the point where two boys who were caught doing something were literally chased down the street.”
Cumberbatch also suggests that the the U.K. should allow Jihadists fighting with ISIS back into the country to better understand the group — who is responsible for beheading American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and posting the videos online — instead of throwing bombs on them.

So Cumberbatch's mind figures the pecking order is blacks, women and gays as sloppy thirds, and being a sodomite is just something that happens at English rape school.

Once again, the Lame Cherry demands that Benedict Cumberbatch donate all he has, open his home to Muslim terrorists and do all the things he is profaning the politicians.......who are not doing the same thing, as they dump all this human slave traffick into rural communities from Germany to America.

After this idiotic ranting solution of ending Britain is what Cumberbatch is dictating, let Cumberbatch buy his own ticket to Syria, like European states are buying these Syrians at 50,000 dollars per head out of Turkey for slave labor to prop up ivory tower Cumberbatch's fag existence, and resettle Sherlock there.
Final note to Faglock Holmes. Your little acting career and your rants promoting sodomy would get you ass raped to death like Ambassador Chris Stevens as your jihadist imports take the understanding Dutch are being murdered for thinking and the compassionate Swedes are being raped as Muslims prefer blondes.

Nuff said