Monday, October 19, 2015

Obama Oil Ejaculations

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking about what was between North Dakota and liberal Illinois..........

Liberal Minnesota

Liberal Wisconsin.

.......and yet there is an oil pipeline going to Illinois as people focus on Keystone XL.

For those who are still asleep at the wheel, there is now another pipeline 1200 miles long which is going to be taking North Dakota crude oil to Denver Colorado.....yes dope smoking liberal Obamaland and here comes another big oil dump and refinery expansion in liberal land. 

Enterprise to Build 1,200-Mile Bakken-to-Cushing Oil Pipeline

Niobrara/Denver -Julesburg Basin ... intention of building a 1,200-mile oil pipeline from the prolific Bakken Shale ... based Enterprise's first pipeline in North Dakota.

The fact is that when Obama's regime has competitors, they get killed. Canada got killed in their pipeline turned off, while Warren Buffett trains hauled Big Frac and Big Wall Street oil out of North Dakota. Now that oil is all ending up in two liberal enclaves...........

Now why would green Obama and all these dope smoking liberals be wanting to turn Colorado and Illinois into toxic Louisiana?

It starts with an M and ends with a Y which is not a is money.  

New Pipeline From North Dakota To Illinois Announced ...

By Ulysses Arn - Demand for North Dakota's oil and natural gas is so great that despite the delaying by President Obama and his administration of approval of the ...

Put the oil industry in democrat Colorado and Illinois, and the billions go there for funding liberals, while GOP Texas and Louisiana get cut off.

For the record, the Obama regime as only exposed here, has been busy expanding the carbon footprint to enrich it's cronies. Is not a Keystone XL pipeline just as dirty as two other pipelines going opposite directions and polluting just as much of America?

Of course it is, but you will not find one liberal, one liberal rag, one Obama voter bitching or exposing any of this..........oh they will smear me for pointing out Obama is a Birther, but will they on their core green beliefs even make a note of what this regime has been doing in moving oil around in this shell game? Hell no, as they are blind to Obama evil, deaf to Obama evil and silent to Obama evil.

That is the reality and once again this blog is burdened even more, as these damned fake green frauds who are all funded by these Soros stealth billions have been silent on all the Obama rapine of nature and the American economy. I have to do now the job of exposing all of this Obama cronyism and write it into stone, what a fraud Obama is in betraying the world in being the same nation rapist all of these liberals scorn Columbus and European for.

One would think that when you have the GOP and Obama always on the same side, with a few monopoly of oil drenched democrats that even the Obamaniacs would figure out that something is wrong with that messiah.
Obama's oil, Obama's pollution, Obama's poisons, Obama's crimes are still the same toxic waste and felonies when he produces them as any Bush Republican.

That is the fact.

Nuff Said