Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pollgate: Ben Carson's Real Poll Numbers

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My children, believe on thing, you are being lied to by everything that is part of this conglomerate regime which rules America.

I as many of you get disheartened when I hear the propaganda, and that is the intent of the cartel. For example, you have been told non stop how much of a surge Ben Carson is polling nationally. I have been moved to Inquire and for the start of this, Dr. Ben Carson is really polling in Iowa, in his REAL POLL NUMBERS, are at TWO PERCENT.
That is actual vote and caucus.

Ben Carson in Iowa only has 2% of the Iowa voters, 4% GOP. You are being lied to, so that you can be destroyed. Carson is a tool like Obama was a left wing tool. What Carson is being used for in the Jebcavers is to "show a plunge" for Donald Trump, so Mr. Trump is pressured to get out of the race, and then Jeb Bush will scrape up the remnants, as Ben Carson is at 2% in Iowa and has no finances to win a nomination.

Ben Carson is polling actually at 3% in New Hampshire, 3% GOP.

In South Carolina, Ben Carson is polling 0.1%, 0.1% GOP. I repeat that Carson is so not a factor that the voters there have no interest at all.

Carson is polling at 14% in Nevada, 4% GOP.  So you can understand the horrid numbers Carson has, in almost nothing at all in some states and barely in the polls in others.

Ben Carson's best State, and I mean as in ONE STATE, his numbers in Maryland due to blacks  are at 22%, 4% GOP.

Ben  Carson nationally polls at 3%. That is not a surge, that is a candidate taking up space and getting in the way.
For the record, Ben Carson ties that other low energy candidate in national polling as Jeb Bush is at 3% too.

So now you know you have been lied to gain in another attempt to destroy Donald Trump.

Here are Donald Trump's true poll numbers.

Inquiry states that Donald Trump is at 59% polling in Iowa, 66% GOP. Mr. Trump's closest competitor is Ted Cruz at 7%, although Ted Cruz does hit national double digits at, 23% in the real polls.

In New Hampshire, Donald Trump polls at 72% of the voters there, 84% GOP.

In South Carolina, Mr Trump is at 83% of the voters, 84% GOP.
In Nevada, Mr. Trump is at 67% of the voters in that State, 76% GOP.

The real numbers are a far fact from the lies you have been fed in these rigged polls.

Marco Rubio is polling nationally at 6% in voters.

That is the real data which Inquiry points to. Do not be mislead or disheartened about "polling" which was designed specifically to data mine people.

OK the Lame Cherry is going to give you the insider view of that this "sample" was comprised of, and how it was not randomly sampled. You know all of that Facebook spyware on your computers and smart phones? That is what is being tracked as in ADVERTISING. A greater portion of those included in the sample had visited Afroid sites, listen to Afroid music, revealing a preponderance to jungle fever. That sample was put into the normal sample, and it had nothing to do with race, but what people were revealing for a positive response on Ben Carson.

When Facebook or Drudge can smash advertisements to load geared to your web browsing, the same Obama data mining, same data mining that Hillary Clinton is lining up voters to groups with to herd  them, is what has given Ben Carson this phantom surge. It is all a fraud and you will notice not one of the media from Erik Erickson, Rush Limbaugh, Homo Hannity has brought any of this to light no more than Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, Chris Matthews etc... as this is the insider information on herding you for their market share in scientific method.

Now once again you know more than you were ever supposed to know in what you are being conditioned with, how this is being assembled as "polling data", and how all of this is rigged and you are being manipulated.

Ben Carson knows the real numbers and the fix was in. He is not bothering with them as unless he has e vote fraud, he is going to be humiliated as the disappearing candidate in actual voting.

Nuff Said.

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For those who doubt on how Carson's numbers were rigged, image Obama's pollster stated in an interview how the electorate has been Balkanized deliberately and they know everyone of your "tribal quirks" in how you will vote. You are puppets on a string to get response, and all it requires is a jigged and rigged voting sample to get a reflection of EXACTLY what the cartel desires the fraud vote to be. Exactly as the Lame Cherry informed everyone on the issue of Americans were told months out that Birther Hussein would win by 5 points.....and voila, that is exactly what the vote was, despite Romney's polling data showing he had a 5 point lead.