Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Why is Jeb Bush's plant smiling with Bernie Sanders?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Everyone has blown the Lauren Rose Batchelder fiasco of the Jeb Bush campaign off and moved on, but the Lame Cherry came across this photo of Lauren Batchelder posing with a big smile on her face, being groped by Bernie Sanders.

Think about this hard and long. What did Batchelder attack Donald Trump with, but an infanticide question which she was for in aborticide, while Jeb Bush is not for abortion, nor is Ms. Batchelder's skirt boss in the Senate.

Odd is it not in a gotcha that vomited up some red flags, along with mention of Ms. Batchelder attending democrat rallies, but what if Lauren Rose Batchelder has been a democratic plant all along, and her entire mission as this psychotic Supergirl has been to spy on the Bush campaign, and to destroy Donald Trump, both to their demise.
Granted the Bush people are too stupid to figure this out, but remember this, the press went viral immediately on what Batchelder did in her gotcha moment with Donald Trump, as if CNN knew this was going to happen.
What if it was not Jeb Bush's people, but the same DNC which coordinated with Anderson Cooper to give Hillary Clinton a filibuster in the first Democratic debate or Hillary infomercial with the assistance of Bernie Sanders.

This goes much deeper than this though, as it gets into creepy, as in psychotic with this Lauren Rose Batchelder.

When I stated "Supergirl", just look at the mirror poses that Lauren Rose Batchelder has been modeled after. The two premier Supergirl poses, one the trademark of the new CBS series in a Hillary for President series, and the other the premier where Supergirl is helping a stupid black man in power (Obama).

Study the evidence.


 Yes once is coincidence.............

Twice is EVIDENCE.

The creeper and creepy part in this is, Jeb Bush zeroed in on Supergirl and blurted that out in public, looking like a pervert. Was Lauren Rose Batchelder doing MK ULTRA mind conditioning on this old dufus, to implant that thought, or was Lauren Rose Batchelder, who had been riding around in Jeb Bush's pocket informed that Jeb was horndog over Supergirl, and she started posing like her to gain traction in the Bush camp?

Just look at that sneering, disgusted, hate filled face of Lauren Rose Batchelder with pro life, pro gun, pro American Donald Trump, and then examine the beaming, adoring, infatuated expression of Lauren Rose Batchelder posing with Bernie Sanders, the pro infanticide (as was her gotcha question), anti gun and communist Sanders, a threat to all Jeb Bush and the GOP is........and Lauren Batchelder enraptured by all of this Obama policy.


All of us remember the Monica Lewinsky scandal, in another intern who seemed to show up in Linda Tripp's vast right wing conspiracy, after throwing herself at Bill Clinton's feet, to the ruination of both. Somehow in both of these Bush and Clinton scandals, everyone never bothered to examine the intern, and the both sides of the aisle associations, as in intelligence operations, people are too busy to ever ask, just how is it that a stalker gets this close to powerful people........unless of course someone is ushering in for the security clearance.
You just try by the next primary season to get photos of you with John McCain, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Bernie Sanders, Chris Chirsty, Ted Cruz etc... and see if you are not sitting in jail for being crazed. Yet there is Supergirl Lauren Rose Batchelder posing with gropes with all of these people.

Maybe it is time that besides the Lame Cherry asking these questions, that you might start asking the same questions, and then perhaps this will be a story with traction in a the real scandal it is, in who really was behind this, as stage performer Lauren Rose Batchelder does not have the intelligence nor the finances to be traveling around to meet all of these powerful people.

Nuff said.