Thursday, October 29, 2015



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Gerald Celente in noting the trends of the world economy, noted these key points:

  • There is a 225 trillion dollar debt bubble in the world.
  • Europe and Japan have begun money dumps into the world economy as their QE par dux
  • When this implodes, gold will be the only safe value.

"Money" actually has not any value any longer or meaning, for it was once a reservoir of your work value stored in something you can convert to other needs of value from other people's work.

Now money is utilized to rob people of their work, impoverish them and eventually enslave them.

I am always leery of gold as the Bible speaks of a time when people will cast their gold out the windows, as it will not save them.

In that debt has absolutely no meaning, incurring it, or paying it off for these international larcenists. So one has to understand this, that there will not be a crash until the forces behind this, will utilize it for their purpose. People have become a commodity to be shipped and traded. That is the interesting reality of the Barack Hussein Obama regime, in this was part of the agenda from the start of the Obama Nobel Prize.

There are hints in this that Germany has already "lost" over 300,000 invaders. The Germans have noted in this, that these Muslims are due to "settle" in other nations. That is the key in this, in what nations have been targeted to have these new Kosovo's appear?
Granted this invasion is to disrupt and destroy the Lost 10 Tribes of western Europe and America. The plot in this though is the establishment of a viral virile militant force. Somewhere in this is the Moorish Caliph which was thrown off being re instituted.

Somewhere in this, Angela Merkel in 2013, is on stage after winning re election, takes a flag from an exuberant party member, and literally rids the stage of the German flag, shaking her head.
I warned all of you that the Pater Pope got Merkel reinstalled into German power, as he did other leaders, and Germany with the Vatican is engaged in this pathway for the invaders.

For those who missed the fall of the Eastern Christian Byzantine Empire, when the Muslims overran those peoples, their Muslim lord gave the mob 3 days of rapine, and one of the chosen humors was to slash the stomachs of Christians, pull out their guts, and make leashes for them, using their own intestines as a leash, by which they were led around.

The Lame Cherry resides in the future, and by God's Grace I am going to jump you to that future date, so you understand the wetware of this, in where these invaders in Europe are destined to be.

These invaders after removing their competitor Israelites in the West, will "discover old homelands" in the east. You must understand this, the Asian Ashkenaz will rule the West. The East though is the old grounds of the Muslims. Kosovo is the bridge to the east, and it runs to the Caucusus and into Chechnya. The long projection of this all is about the extermination of Russia, as in Christian Russia.

There is purpose in all of this. Russia enters Syria and bridges to Iran. Muslims are allowed in to outflank the Europeans, as the southern Russian front is a spear front. This is not about Europe surviving. It is what was hinted in reverse speech in Jeb Bush and Birther Hussein's image of Europe being scorched.
Russia will expend her might in Europe to be neutralized in time, be defeated and implode back beyond the Urals.

What remnants follow in this, is that battle in the Bible called Armageddon, to wipe out the entire global military structure with the world reverting back in the mortal populations to the blacksmith and oxen age. That way the immortals will rule not only the sheep of the pasture by the cloth of people of the land in the same view of the occupants.

Give those pesky humans enough time and resources, and like God, they will find a way to imprison the immortals in a waste called hell. That is why one destroys civilization back to huts and people as the prey of wolves, no threat in hut dwellers.

An economic implosion would not create the situation which this is projected for. This must be a pied piper anti Christ leading the peoples to all of their doom. This is about destroying God's plan of salvation for all people, as the adversary is against this redemption. All of this insanity only makes sense when the possessed are leading all to annihilation.

The next phase in this is conflict within the nations in protest marches. The best way to keep the natives occupied is to unleash the militant invaders flexing their police state protected power.