Thursday, October 29, 2015



Just study this pathetic sociopath Mark Zuckerberg in the clinical pose.
He finds a handsome leading man as he is wimp, and agrees to be the little twat in the group as he hangs his head down low, being so uncomfortable with himself that he can not touch another human, but started out life as a college pet.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Mark Zuckerberg and his slave advocacy group at, FWD , today attacked President Donald Trump for protecting America by using the well worn "it's the children cover" which liberals use to abort them, warehouse them and enslave them.
Mark Zuckerberg is one of the top genocidal fesspots in world history.

Fesspot: An effeminate pseudo intellectual who shields their feudal enslavement of mankind in deceptive idealism.
Let us examine what exactly is the psychopathic crimes of Mark Zuckerberg, how they manifest compulsively, and how they are couched in idealism

Mark Zuckerberg is an Ashkenaz secular Jew. His roots are from central Asia, where the Ashkenaz converted to a form of Jewry, in order to hide their real criminal mania, of using Talmudic cover to exploit people who were not "of the faith", and therefore no different than animals.
Mark Zuckerberg is no different than Barack Hussein Obama in his secular Islam, viewing lesser Muslims as expendable and westerners as something to genocide.

In understand the roots of Mark Zuckerberg, one can see he is not in any way different than the Ashkenaz elite, of the "Jewish" elders who sold their poor Jewish families into Nazi slave labor camps, which has been propagandized to become the "holocaust".
It was these leftist, communist Jews who fomented  World War II, by their calls for the genocide of Germans, and when Jews could have been evacuated from Europe, the elders refused, as masses of Jews had to be killed they reasoned so they could then blackmail the world to creating a Jewish homeland again.

Mark Zuckerberg is of this elitism. Simply observing this awkward, fused in adolescence boy, one can readily discern he never excelled in manly endeavors. He was a coward, bullied, and hid in "books", and used his ability to memorize data, to bully others.
He was absolutely phobic concerning white women in being terrified of them, as they laughed at this weird little coward.

In college, Zuckerberg revealed his true identity of his religion of exploitation, He was befriended by others, gained their trust, and then he stole their intellectual property of a social media, and cheated them out of Facebook.

This culminated in his political dealings of selling Facebook to be part of the NSA data mining of all people's of the world.

Once that took place, Zuckerberg set up a "foundation" to enforce his feudal will on others. As. Dr. David Duke in his research has proven, a majority of Jews in the slave, though a minority, owned and ran the slave trade in America. Zuckerberg is the same ilk. His FWD is nothing but an importation of ignorant, but educated 3rd world peoples of dark skin colors to exploit them for his business concern.
Import more slave labor, and it boosts profits, and other slave holders like Bill Gates of Microsoft, Disney and Warren Buffett, all mean more cut off slaves from their homelands, who "need to find a place to touch home" and Facebook is that tortuous venue.
Yes, import the slaves to the cotton fields, but point to the east and tell them Africa is there, and let them know there is no way to get there, so they better just keep picking cotton or writing programming as their spirits are broken.

That is the essence of Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg though enjoys not just one variety of brown skinned peoples to buy, but he enjoys picking up the Asian Birther Obama, the Indian computer geek, and especially the Marco Rubio politician. Round this out with the white people he surrounds himself with to "fit in", as he ruins weddings by stripping half naked, as the white people are the slave drivers, and you have Mark Zuckerberg, still terrified of the world in buying up a mountain to hide on, as he picks up a Chinese minder to tell him, Yes baby, you are just like a white man as size does not matter. You are really sexy and baby, of course you turn me on, it is just I am pregnant now and I don't want to hurt the baby".

Before pregnancy it was, "I am a good girl, except of sucking your manly", and after the baby it will be, "Oh baby you are so sexy to me, but I just can't feel you any more in my big pussy as your lil dick is so small, that maybe you should just use your hand."

Now do you see why it is part of the reason, that slave holder Zuckerberg imports slave labor, as he needs desperately to feel validated that he is not the worst pond scum on the planet. You will notice that Zuckerberg is ostracized by the powerful Jews of the Steve Jobs group and that Bill Gates absolutely bitch slaps this little pimp around in the media, and that is why little Zuck hides out with Chinese all the time and tried to buy the Designer Negro Obama for a ride around the park.

Mark Zuckerberg is a slave holder. That is what is behind all of this importation of 3rd worlders. It has nothing to do with children born here or in Europe, or human rights. It is about these pathetic rich exploiters of humanity, creating their fiefdom plantations of silicon all to make up for the one thing they are void of, and that is being secure enough in yourself to not have to exploit people to retaliate in having your mummy pick you up at school or else you would get chased home by the girls who wanted to beat you up.

Mark Zuckerberg can hide behind his slave foundation and take cheap political shots at Donald Trump, using a goosestepping German Schulte to do the talking, but it does not hide the fact that Mark Zuckerberg is a pathetic piece of a feudal system which image Obama has nurtured like a festering sexual disease gotten off a long dead whore from the 18th century. Mark Zuckerberg is guilty of crimes against humanity. He belongs in a Nuremberg for his crimes in human traffick and being a traitor to the peoples of the West in spying on Germans to terrorizing Americans, as he browbeats people with brown skins to serve him at the big house.

Nuff said.