Sunday, October 25, 2015

Thank you for being Steadfast


As I have a few moments from work, I am making it to this point of saying a grateful thank you for those who kept the blog rolling this long. I can tell by your silence or your short notes, that you are dealing with as much as we are. It does grieve me deeply.

Thank you to those who thought of TL. It has been hard on TL all of this, and I appreciate your looking out for TL.

I am hopeful another demon has been gotten rid of which showed up. I am at the point of finding solace in the science of the study of it, as things fall down and apart.
Today I was pulling moss covered wet siding off an old chicken coup to plug a hole in the falling down barn which the horses ripped apart in my absence. Am trying to get something for no cost, as like you the costs of this regime are taxing.

Enough of that.

Daisy did not kick me today. That was nice. Baby Belle has grown this cotton fur which is soft as expensive fur. It loves burrs though, but Baby Belle just loves being groomed....Daisy does too in trying to make up, as she was licking me and bunt rubbing on me to show affection, after I told her a few time she was going down the road after the latest display. My thigh still pulls from the deep bruise she gave me.
I am amazed how demonic forces spike things. People, animals and I assume plants are getting a does of it. It must be pure hell in those Muslims dumped into Europe going nuts. I can tell the Mexicans here are  getting more arrogant. I hope for the day that President Trump boots their asses across the Rio and then all those properties are going to be flooding the market making it a good deal for impoverished Americans in the Obama years.

Martha was helping me with the boards. She is the boss goat around here. I have not had the time to cuddle them and I miss that, but with the garage at least sided, and God let the weather hold in no snow, I might be able if it is dry to get things so the animals are all inside and safe.
I was out at 1 AM this morning, and the coyotes were howling a bit too close. I gave them a select phrase and listened as they went northwest. I thought at first it was some bigfoot screaming from another dimension overlap as that was one odd sounding coyote.
Is still the plan to introduce the coyotes to jewelry and vaccinate them. Jewelry would be snares and injections would be lead. I have to be careful though in I do not need new predators here which will appear in eating things........they did eat that dead calf though that aborted. I will call it bait.
The skunk seems to have driven off the dopers. If I have time, I will have to refresh the site to just keep the commerce of illegal drugs from here.

I had planned to relax but had to write something for Wednesday.......have to write something tonight for tomorrow.

I am listening to Mom make cole slaw, so I probably will have to do something to assist in a bit, so I should close this with this.

May the God Who has brought you here, empower you in Faith and establish His Peace in you. May God provide for you and prosper you, as His Holy Angels defend you from all evil and harm, to the day in your keeping with Him, that the Lord Christ returns, in His Name. Amen Amen