Sunday, October 25, 2015

Boehner's Fuck You To America


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I hope you can see what has just happened in the Paul Ryan insertion as Speaker? It is political rape.

Picture this.

You are married to John Boehner and he comes home and rapes you. You file for divorce and the cops haul him away, but in prison, Boehner hires a group of thugs to rape you some more, rape your neighbors who were looking out for you, and having you raped by the cops.
Then Boehner sends in your new protector, who all your neighbors are throwing their support behind as they are scared, and this little prick is named Paul Ryan.

.........and even though you called the cops, even though you are screaming you do not want this, here comes democrats peeking in the windows like Nancy Pelosi helping muffle the sounds, as Paul Ryan holds you down and rapes you even more savagely than John Boehner...........with not more Obamatrade which Ryan voted for, but this time for the legalization of all of these foreign invaders, really raping and murdering Americans, and part of 2016 voter genocide of Americans.

Now you should have the picture in this, in how much you are in jeopardy, and how much Donald Trump is in jeopardy, as Paul Ryan with Mitch McConnell are going to vote amnesty in 2016, and John Boehner, the failed Pater boy and successful drunken traitor to America, just engineered with his pimps the legalized gang rape of all Americans, right and left.

This is the goddamned Kremlin coup against Nikita Kruschev of 1964 by the communist insiders bringing a worse hell on the American People.

God help us all.