Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Argonauts

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

By God's Grace I have written a great deal on the potential of Vladimir Putin for the good of the world, before any one else would assess this.

What I desire though is to delve into something I make it a point not to follow, so it does not distract me from communications with God.  It is astrology, which in pure form does give a stellar print of what trends are written there.

The Zen Gardener who resides in South America, published this recently about the way the planets and stars are moving. The basis of this all is Putin is rising and America is falling. There was a great quote in this article which dovetails exactly into what I have been stating here as a warning. Vladimir Putin can be a great force for good, but he can also become a force for bad.
My prayer has been for this Cyrus to have God work through him, and save the Christians of Europe from the anti Christ. Mr. Putin is saving the Christians and other religious peoples in Syria........and with news that the Golan Heights has a massive new oil deposit, Syria literally in peace is going to become a massively rich oil producing nation.

Now do you get perhaps why Obama Jinn tried to hand over Syria to his terrorists, and the Golan in Israeli hands would have the Jews pumping oil to their riches and to the Syrians being robbed, that the charges of George Bush starting oil wars, is a reality that Nobel Prize winner Obama has been starting oil theft wars in Libya and now Syria to steal these people's oil.
Here is the quote:

"But I am also going to speculate that this global awakening that is being brought about by the Pluto Uranus square is strongly affecting Putin as well, and will be for quite some time. In fact, it could very well be, that Putin is going through some kind of spiritual awakening, which is very unusual indeed in world leaders. Please bear in mind this is only speculation on my part, but the planets bear out the evidence of a major and prolonged period of change for him. His pivotal position puts him in the role of a catalyst for change."

Vladimir Putin is akin to the legendary Jason and the Argonauts. He is attempting to rescue the Golden Fleece of civilization, which is now being held hostage by the serpentine Hydra. In all seriousness, we all need to pray for Mr. Putin, to have God hold him to do God's Will, and in that, Mr. Putin will suck the life out of the anti Christ and false prophet, and save billions of lives, which are Prophesied to die in what is coming.
Vladimir Putin is coming to a horizon point, of being one of the greatest protectors of Christendom, like Joan of Arc, Richard the Lionheart or Ronald Reagan. The world of the Faithful needs Vladimir Putin to do the heavy lifting for Christianity in Eurasia.

It is the Golden Fleece, and it will come down to if Putin and the Argonauts prevail.

I do not practice astrology and Christians should not, but it does require one to be aware of what the stellar forces are empowering, and it does reflect what this blog has been warning of and speaking of as horizon points.