Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Cuban Marco Crisis

Marco Rubio overjoyed to shake Barack Hussein Obama's hand

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The red nuclear 3 AM warning lights should be going on for all of you, now that the Klusterfahk of the GOP and Billionaire fags are casting around for a new shade of brown, after Porch boy Ben Carson and the Toothsome Twat, Carly Fiorina have been exposed in being Obama brown, but also of his leftist pedigree.

Sure Rush Limbaugh for some Big Koch reason can call Ted Taco Cruz, the most principled or something candidate in the race.......yeah the guy hiding he is married to a Rockefeller stoogette who wants to do away with North America as he green eggs us to death giving toys to Mexican invaders is "principled"......but this is about not the Canadian in the race, but the other Spaniard in Marco Rubio, in his Cuban Marco Crisis.

Marco Rubio in attempting to set himself from the choir boys of the GOP, set about to Havana stab Donald Trump in the back, and then decided to take on the guy who could not get to him to retaliate, and that would be Vladimir Putin in calling him a 'gangster'.

This is the first real act as President that Marco Rubio has taken in foreign policy.......considering his first domestic decision was to bend over for the billionaire fags of the GOP for amnesty to destroy America, it appears that one could conclude that when Marco Rubio said in reverse speech as found by David John Oates, "FUCK YOU AMERICA", that the Cuban Rubio does not really have a deep and abiding Ronald Reagan Love for America, in the land of the free Obama phone and home of the invader.

That is the crux of Marco Rubio, and one can tell exactly what a President will be, by their first decisions on running for President. Rubio sold out to the conglomerates for slave labor, and his attempt to gain headlines was exactly, mirror image of Hillary Hamrod Clinton in going after Vladimir Putin.

It requires reminding people certain realities in the Hillary Reset, which Marco Rubio is dragging America toward and it is these points:

Point 1: Russia now has an equal and greater rapid response military to America.

Point 2: Russia has updated their nuclear warheads in these weapons now are evasive, more precise and more mobile.

Point 3: Russia has upgraded across the board from surface to air missiles which can fire on the move, the new T 14 tank, the next generation of fighters is active, their supersonic cruise missiles hit like nuclear tipped warheads and their military is not worn out.

Point 4: Russia has proven it can project lethally into American waters and air space without detection.

Considering Hillary Clinton's Reset Button and image Obama's "flexable" foreign policy has now produced an outcome where Vladimir Putin is now the Ronald Reagan moral authority in the world of bringing peace, where the image of Birther Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry is the Kremlin Krud arming terrorists around the globe, endangering us all........and Marco Rubio has decided to make a political gamble in calling Vladimir Putin a gangster.

Did I mention that Mr. Putin has nuclear weapons, has been using fly bys because the Obama regime has been antagonizing the President of Russia?

If not, then the reality is, Marco Rubio is joining a failed group of politicians who have done nothing but compound and make worse, the failures which George W. Bush moved into when they did not keep their word to Vladimir Putin.

The 1960's had the Cuban Missile Crisis, brought on by inept democrats led by John F. Kennedy, not sending the correct signals to President Nikita Khrushchev of the Soviet Union. The 2015's have brought about now the Cuban Marco Crisis, where instead of astutely and honorably negotiating with an already discontented Mr. Putin as Donald Trump has set as his Presidential Marco Rubio is instead attacking Vladimir Putin for political points, exactly as Hillary Clinton attempted and failed at.

The 3 AM call is the one which all Presidential Candidates are judge by. The problem with all of them so far, outside of Donald Trump and Jim Webb on left who is being discarded, have all blown their 3 PM call when they should be wide awake.

The Lame Cherry was an early defender of Marco Rubio. I laid out the legal case in his being a child of a Cuban couple under the American Protectorate of Cuba from the Spanish Civil War, afforded his birth in America a legal standing for him to be President.
When Marco Rubio joined John McCain on amnesty for border busters, I was not going to be betrayed again by this tool of the cartel, and now it is a reality of pointing out the facts of Marco Rubio, in he has blown it on domestic and foreign policy, and it does not assist in Homo Hannity is busy calling Vladimir Putin a gangster either.

Vladimir Putin has risen to the level of world leader, and no counterparts. He is the greatest leader of the 21st century and is now the driving force and must be diplomatically negotiated with. Failure to comprehend that or taking a cheap political short cut as Marco Rubio has chosen, endangers everyone in America, as the Obama regime has obliterated the buffer zones which had been American policy since World War II.

Syria has now Russian, NATO, Israeli and Muslim forces all in kill shot range. That is Obama policy, as much as Ukraine, and it assists absolutely nothing in Marco Rubio calling the solution maker, the saver of Syrian Christian, Muslim and Secular lives a gangster. All it does, as Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes made certain Mr. Putin knew of that charge from Rubio, is antagonize Mr. Putin.

You will find in the historical record that Ronald Reagan, never, ever, called any President of the Soviet Union, who were dictators, "gangsters". There is Presidential, and then there is Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton. A President can term a movement an Evil Empire, but a President can not deem a world leader in derogatory terms, as there will be fall out, in trade, in terrorism, in world relations.

The greatest United Nations Ambassadors in Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and General Vernon Walters, never stooped to the asinine rants that Irish invader Samantha Powers has engaged in, antagonizing Russia, in blaming Mr. Putin for a downed airliner over Ukraine. That along with all the other Obama machinations has Russia now with China in Syria, and the absolute mistake of Marco Rubio, joining these failed political diatribes, will only make this situation for America worse in 500 nations, trade deals, finance deals and jobs for Americans.

Marco Rubio is the 21st century Cuban Marco Crisis. This man no more than that woman, Hillary Clinton belongs anywhere near the White House, as we are now experiencing the results of failed Clinton, Kerry, Obama foreign policy with Russia and the Mideast, and while the Obama regime "good intentions" might have an excuse, the reality is Marco Rubio has none. With all the evidence of the disaster of the Obama regime, Marco Rubio has joined the image of Obama with all of it's thugocracy and calling the innocent in this situation, who is saving lives, Vladimir Putin a gangster.

For the record, insider intelligence has revealed that regimes which the Obama regime employed to fund, train and arm ISIS, were given over 1000 targets in Syria, operated by ISIS which could not be attacked.
The point is that John McCain has been meeting with ISIS non stop and Marco Rubio is one of the McCain entourage in the Senate, so there is no excuse in Marco Rubio did not know of those 1000 terror targets in Syria..........and if you search the entire nexus of Marco Rubio speeches, he has never once called the image of Barack Hussein Obama a gangster, anyone in the Obama regime a gangster, nor himself a gangster for covering for the gangsters of the Obama regime.

Marco Rubio is the 21st century Cuban Marco Crisis. This will go nuclear warfare in American having cities vaporized if this inept political gangsterism does not cease as employed by the Obama regime, Hillary Clinton, the Jebcavers, John McCain or his cubana boy, Marco Rubio.

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