Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Ben Carson Cult

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Americans are destroyed for a lack of knowledge in trusting those things they are Spiritually blind to not understand, because they are an arrogant trusting children who believe their propaganda in being more than what they are.

It is a troubling thing that Americans in this age without God, and instead an image messiah Obama, that they put forward a Mormon in Mitt Romney, to a secular Islamist in Obama, and think these politicians are just like themselves.
There is another in this mix in the 2016 primaries who is as notorious as any Sharia Law terrorist, and like Obama he is given a bye, as no one knows what a Seventh Day Adventist.

The person who is a Seventh Day Adventist is Dr. Ben Carson, and in this world of what Ben Carson is, and what he believes and thinks about you, is best I judge told to you by a Seventh Day Adventist which escaped that zombie cult.

Unlike Mitt Romney whose Mormons have a genealogical archive that if they archive you, they think it means you are "saved", the Seventh Day Adventists have no such archive, so like Jehovah's Witnesses, another cult, they all believe you are going to hell, like every Muslim believes all Christians are infidels.

I desire you to ponder that and let that soak in, because behind Ben Carson's low energy persona is a man looking at you, whose religion tells you that you are going to hell, because you are not a Seventh Day Adventist.

This might sound odd when one realizes that Adam and Eve were not Adventists, nor even Jesus, but according to this religion, only they go to Heaven......with a caveat that certain learned people in the Bible did go to Heaven, but too bad for you.

Ellen G. White was a "prophetess" who created the Seventh Day Adventists. What it is based on was the teaching in the Bible of the Sabbath worship of God. The reality is I worship on Saturday or the Sabbath and it is God's sign of who His people are. I do not though judge people on what time they worship on as I do it 7 days per week. That is God's Judgment and people can be judged on what they do. It is not what God though bases an entire religion upon, as it was the Gospel of the Kingdom of God as revealed by Jesus the Christ, Who will rule that Kingdom, and not the Gospel of the Sabbath.
Christ is Who saves, not the Sabbath. Jesus is Lord of that Sabbath.

The person who revealed what it was like to be a SDA is a Canadian woman named Trish whose mother became a member in 1957. What started out as "sabbath" setting apart soon became something hybrid Baptist as human frailty was brought in like Islam, in playing cards was where the devil was always in attendance. So was dancing, listening to "worldly" music, wearing jewelry, makeup.......all those enticing things of Sharia Law in those wicked women is what the Adventist cult became, as only they were Pharisee clean like Dr. Ben Carson and all of you are wicked with the devil.
No smoking or drinking either. No real comment on Jesus drinking wine, but the Adventists project out then that their Jesus they say is saving them must be wicked in company with satan.

What we will not begin to understand is where the Adventists roots began in teachings which are not Biblical in the least. In 1844, a Baptist preacher named William Miller who was teaching the ADVENT of Christ, hence Adventists, taught falsely that Jesus would return in that year. When Jesus did not appear, the year became known as the Great Disappointment.
By 1845 when all of these dupes had given away all their worldly goods, a new offshoot appeared in the Seventh Day Adventists. All of this then degrades into doctrinal fiction, that is too unnecessary to deal with in getting bogged down in when Jesus returns, where He Rules from, and the point of it all is how many Angels can dance on the head of a pin, and these pin heads like Ben Carson are judging all of you as going to hell, because you do not believe exactly as they dictate you to believe.

There is a point in that 1844 date that "Jesus entered the Heavenly Sanctuary" at that date. What Ben Carson incorrectly believes, is that in that year 1812 years after Jesus arose to Heaven, went from the Holy Place to the Holy of Holies, to begin the final atonement for humanity is a two stage redemption. The Bible teaches nothing of this and as Adventists like Trish correctly understand, what this cult is teaching is that Jesus sacrafice of laying down His Life and taking it up again for your Salvation, has absolutely no meaning, which is an absolute lie.
It is as big of lie as Jesus supposed to return on 1844, Jesus did not enter the Holy of Holies on that date either, completing a "second redemption" of humanity.

Donald Trump said he was a Presbyterian, but that Ben Carson in being a Seventh Day Adventist, was "way out there". Donald Trump is right again.

The Seventh Day Adventist cult is just that. They have their own "bible" which is called the Clear Word. It is not a Bible, but a compilation like the Talmud, in an incorrect discussion of the Bible by their founder Ellen G. White.

The Canadian member who escaped this cult was puzzled when they moved to Alberta in the people their ate meat, but in Manitoba they were forbidden to eat meat and all vegetarians. That is another key teaching of this cult. It also is a key component of brainwashing that if you deprive the human of protein, their minds are easily susceptible to mind conditioning.

Mark 7:19, is simply censored from the Adventist Bible, because they demand "clean food teachings": "Thus he declared all foods clean."

It is of note that the founder Ellen White and her husband denied like Talmudic Jews and Muslims that Jesus was God. Current Adventists now think Jesus was God, and ignore their apostate foundations.

Would a sound mind, a mind that has "these hands" which have operated on people for 20 hours, really be so damning as to believe that everyone of you reading this is going to hell, that the sacrafice of Jesus had no meaning and that Jesus is not God, at least depending on what era of Adventist one is being held captive by.

Ben Carson said Muslim does not belong in the White House. For that reality, Ben Carson does not belong in the White House and does not belong in the Republican party, any more than any other religious nut who thinks they are the only religion which is going to Heaven while denying the Cross of Christ.

Ben Carson needs to repent more than he needs your vote, as an Obama hating Christians for his Islam was a large enough disaster for the world, without another occupant of the White House deeming themselves judge, jury and executioner of the world on over the top teachings not in the Bible.

All of that needs to be asked Ben Carson, and not these gotchas against Donald Trump. Why is it that Ben Carson only believes he is going to Heaven and all of us are going to hell. Why is it that he believes he is only good and we are all wicked.

It all comes to the question of why would anyone vote for Ben Carson after discovering what he is really thinking about you, in his Pharisee cult of hating you.

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