Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Disgusting Richard Cohen


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The leftist financier, Richard Cohen posted on the International Business form an editorial yesterday attacking Donald Trump as a "destroyer" and that his supporters are in lust with that same "destroyer", while linking Mr. Trump to Louis Farrakhan in anti semitism.

This kind of reprehensible attack on American can not stand. It is something which you have missed in all of this in what this Obama messiah backer is really saying about Donald Trump in his Mockingbird slur.

This is the Lame Cherry refutation of Mr. Cohen.

Richard Cohen should be ashamed for linking Louis Farrakhan with Donald Trump as Mr. Trump has Jewish grandchildren and Jewish in laws. Mr. Cohen owes along with IBD the entire Trump family an apology, for as Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan stated as UN Ambassador, there is no difference between anti Semitic and racism.
It was not missed either the reference to the "destroyer" as in the slur to Mr. Trump and his supporters, that the term is abaddon from the book of Revelation, of a political official being the anti Christ. So in one disgusting rant Richard Cohen has sunk to new political lows in the charge that Americans follow the anti Christ in politics and that Iranian leftist mullah terrorists are correct in terming these United States as the "Great Satan".
There is no ignoring Richard Cohen's completely obnoxious and idiotic statements, nor providing the benefit of the doubt that he was ignorant of what he was ranting about, as this was deliberate hate speech from Richard Cohen and the editorial staff of IBD.

 Yes, that is exactly the clever spin on this my Americans, that the Cohen messiah is god, but anyone else backing a non cartel stooge, is following the anti Christ......in all of you are tools of the devil.

Richard Cohen does not belong in polite company nor in posting anything online forever for his hate speech, and should be banned for life. This is one of these disgusting, not so cleverly created slurs against Donald Trump and Americans, which by design is to meant to slip over the heads of most people, while resonating in their psyches, for future attacks.

This can not stand and it will not stand, in this Obama lipstick on a pig rapine which was unleashed on American women of the right and left. This nation is not going to stand for demagogues who in Southern Poverty Law Center type smears for the globalists, be allowed to say that we are all followers of the devil for being Americans.