Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Being Born Islam and Homosexual


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I enjoy the Russian propaganda media, as they are more honest than the American media.  Sometimes though they come up with some exclusives which just are stunning.

Take Muhammad Akbar, from Afghanistan........a young male who thinks he deserves a Western job for free as an invader, but will not fight the Taliban in his native land for his own land.

Here are a few delicious quotes:

“Yes, I’m a Muslim. I was born that way. Is it my guilt? First of all I am a human.”

Interesting in every other religion is a choice, but with Muslims, it is genetic and they are born that way.

“I would like to work there as a car engineer, I love this work”.

Yes a job which he would love to have..............not that there are any automobile manufacturers in Afghanistan, so how he would know he loves being an engineer.......but when you are genetically born a Muslim like Sodomites we are told are genetic freaks too.....who is one to question the all knowing Muslim.

“If I marry a European girl, I will do it in the Muslim way, and she should follow. But if we really love each other but she does not want to convert to Islam, I will not push her. I will neither force her to wear a scarf. If we love each other, we can resolve it. Everyone is free. And everyone has his own life.”

I particularly like that quote, as this Muslim has decided he is going to be married, with caveats of how much wool she will be forced to wear. "IF" they love each other.......she does not have to wear a veil, convert to Islam......it will be resolved........in ONLY A MUSLIM WAY and of course SHE SHOULD FOLLOW ISLAM.......
I have read stories of these negotiations in the Islamic third world in the woman usually ends up beaten, raped and beheaded........oh and this goes on in examples in the west too with these loving Muslims.

Oh I almost forgot this part, Akbar's Mum was given a house in the Netherlands and that is where he wants to end up.
Ah if the regime in the Netherlands wants to give me a farm, I will gladly learn to speak Dutch for that.....and I would be a better Citizen in not trying to chop off their heads.

So there you have it, a sort of Obama in every Muslim dream. Obama was born a fag, and there is no changing that like his Islamic nature. Then Obama gets a job as President of some nation, not because he is qualified in being native born, but because he knows he loves it.........and all of us can be free as we choose in the Obama nuptials as long as it is done in a Muslim dictatorial way and we all follow Islam.....in a loving way.

That about wraps it up, from the lips of a follower of allah.........he was born Islam and had no choice, just like Fag propaganda says they do not choose to have sex, but were born Fags. In Obama America had the worst of both worlds, Islam and Sodomite.......and the Mideast got worshiped with Predator Drones and ejaculated with bombs.

Seriously a warning in this, these funded invaders of the globalists to bring down native Western peoples by terrorizing them, do not belong in civilization. The above proves it........and just wait until you start hearing what other nuttery they believe in as fact.

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