Thursday, October 22, 2015

The End of Round Up


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a heads up in something you did not consider nor have paid attention to, but it has been in the press and it is a growing problem, worse than bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

The subject of this is Round Up, the herbicide by Monsanto, which has been poisoning people around the world as it is absorbed into plants, and is then killing all the good bacteria in your intestines along with inflaming your body.

For the past decade, Big Farm has been dumping Round Up on their mega acre farms in symbiotic relationship with Monsanto's genetically modified crops which are resistant to Round Up, after having algae genes spliced into your corn, sugar, soybean etc.... crops, that was found growing in Round Up soup in their corporate dump.

Farmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds

Heavy use of the weedkiller Roundup has led to the rapid growth of herbicide-resistant weeds that could lead to higher food prices and more pollution.

Herbicide-Resistant 'Super Weeds' Increasingly Plaguing ...

Herbicide-Resistant 'Super Weeds' Increasingly Plaguing Farmers Rapid evolution is helping some nasty weeds survive repeated herbicide applications.

Let me explain this as most of you are ignorant of farming and not Victor Davis Hanson.

Farming used to be these steps:

  1. Ploughing
  2. Disking or Digging to till the soil smooth for planting.
  3. Planting
  4. Dragging to cover the seeds that might be exposed or dragging to kill little weeds that sprout later.
  5. Spraying a 2 4 D on wheat or a Atrazine on corn.
  6. Swathing for cereal grains
  7. Combining
With Round Up the steps are these in no tillage or no till:

  1. Planting
  2. Spraying Round Up for weeds
  3. Spraying Round Up to kill the wheat for early harvest
  4. Combining

There can be additional spraying of pesticides during the year, or sometimes a disking to smooth a field, but you can conclude now why 65 year old farmers, can now plant 3000 to 15,000 acres, along with harvesting, where 1500 acres was previously a full time job, even with large equipment. The new equipment is now much larger, faster and expensive.
It is how land prices were spiking and grain prices were spiked to set into motion the Round Up generation of mega corporate farms.

Nature though is odd, along with seed companies, because seed companies started adding new weeds to their GMO seeds, so farmers would have to use Round Up at extra cost.....but Nature started employing what it always does, in oddly it did not require genetic modification for it's weeds to start growing in Round Up. Nature just started producing it's resistant strains to Glyphosate or Round Up.

Fields are now cropping up, filling with weeds.....and these large lazy farmers have not been out there hand hoeing as old duffers just are not up to doing work........only vacationing 9 months of the year and only working 3 months now in farming. So fields are now producing these mega yields of resistant weeds....and Big Farm is now engaged in mixing up new cocktails of poisons "off the books" to deal with their weeds.

Literally Big Farm is taking old herbicides which did work, and mixing them together with Round Up, to try and deal with these weeds. That is what is taking place in America. Big Farm is mixing chemical poisons in new combinations, which have not been certified for use in the environment to keep planting these huge acreages in order to try and survive.
It is amusing in a way, as these arrogant asses priced others out of homes, priced themselves out of markets, and now with falling prices, here comes the equalizer in Mother Nature producing weeds, which are going to cut their yields again..........and if the EPA gets wind of this reality, and corporate America is upset their chemicals are not being used, then Big Farm is going to have all these chemical dealers visited......their weed sprays tracked, and big farmers are going to have their lands spot checked.....and if something looks like environmental pollution.......that is going to be one hell of a clean up cost. The big farmers, all these corporates are going to have their lands condemned.
It just all depends on who figures out conglomerate America can seize these lands, and have the regime do it for them.

So you comprehend this, Big Farm is few people farming in corporations now. Family farmers are a thing of the past. The only way they have to farm now is with all of these chemicals, as there is not capital nor time to farm this much land. Weeds kill yields in making soybeans a non crop.  This is a situation that Monsanto has investing all it is in Round Up, and it is being banned in Europe......weeds just might ban it in America, and unless a fortune which is being spent comes up with a new herbicide and GMO crops which will live while weeds die, then this entire Monsanto system can not survive........meaning there better be robotics employed or the land and price structure will bankrupt Big Farm.

That pleases me, and it also pleases me that I have been busy as you children have been playing in growing my own non GMO, open pollinated crops......all hand weeded as I am a pesticide and herbicide free zone as I do something which is not heard of any more, I farm the land and listen to how it speaks to me.

God bless the weeds and your starvation, as I am thrilled at the irony in this. Monsanto spent a fortune in genetically modifying crops.........and God's Nature on it's own created it's own naturally gene modification which is healthy in a few years.

Yes I hope the eco terrorists start bitching to the EPA about these Big Farm cocktails being poured upon America lands, and it begins a tracking investigation and testing for toxic clean up. I like the idea of hearing Big Farm whine, even more than they always are whining about being on million dollar which each of you is in your IRS taxes, backing up these multi millionaires in paying them EVEN WHEN THEY DO NOT GET A CROP.
So you are not too compassionate for Big Farm, I ran across a scam last week, in which a farmer told me, that Big Farm was tilling up absolutely worthless virgin pastures, getting crop failures which they knew would fail, and you paid for it for 5 years in their profit.
USDA figured this out eventually, but while you did not have money for a new car......Big Farm was driving around in 40,000 dollar new four wheel drives in this legalize crime.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.......the information no Limbaugh, Homo Hannity or CNN is ever going to bring you, as none of them have shit on their shoes or dirt under their fingernails..........just like Big Farm. I know the secrets and now you do too.