Friday, October 30, 2015

The Next World Order


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The image of Barack Hussein Obama has completed the most revolutionarial successful epoch in global history. When one realizes that the two icons of the American 20th century, in President John F. Kennedy and President Ronald Reagan, were undid by the Obama manifesto of feudal order, and that Obama working for the European illuminated ones, ripped to shreds, the entire Bush Clinton Bush era of the "New (American) World Order", in Neo World of Disorder.

Think of the mastery of this, in the irony in Barack Birther Hussein Obama, led a campaign of lies in 2008 in telling every dupe that he was going to be the next Ronald Reagan, while suckering in a brain cancer degenerated Teddy Kennedy, to put the Kennedy mantel on Obama, and then proceeded to hand over eastern Europe to Vladimir Putin, destroy the entire Mideast structure of Nationalist Islam for Obama community organized terrorism, and hand over the eastern Pacific to the Chicoms. Every feature of George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, undone completely, and the exclamation point is the benefactors of Barack Hussein Obama Chin manipulated Hillary Clinton into putting Bill Clinton's stamp on this disaster.

"What is the American administration usually accused of? That it allows itself something which cannot be allowed - weakness, indecision, incompetence, and fails to take adequate measures to defend its certain priorities. I don't know if it is so, it's their business. But, anyway, judging by the statements sounded this week, including from some of the White House clerks, it seems to be true".

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev 

Now I do not desire to have any of you think that the image Obama was the genius behind this, because Birther or the Jinn, could not even nigger dance with a brain. Everything about this Obama seizure of 1600 Penn Avenue, was a brilliant conceived plan to turning America into a Soviet gulag 3rd world state, to never arise again.
This is bigger than the dolts of Europe who signed onto this ever contemplated. The aristocracy does not want some inbred royals of the English or Dutch being competitors. These are satanic aristocracy and their realm is greater than this world. It is an immortal fiefdom where mortals only get in the way.

All of these brainless Obama trolls attacking girls like myself, have yet to figure out that Obama came to abort America, and that they are the tissue of profit for the Planned Amerihood, in they are all expendable.

There is irreparable damage which has been inflicted upon America, and it is by design. No matter it is the Obama Super Depression or the Neo Katherine the Great Empire being created to manage all of East Europe and West Asia in the interim, it is all been scripted.

Literally, no one has noted this as of yet, so this is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, but Vladimir Putin has achieved Greater Russia, the Russia that no other Czar or Soviet master could ever achieve.

The legacy of Barack Hussein Obama is simple in this regime has removed every safeguard, west to east, north to south, in every fire suppression buffer ever created, and Birther and image Obama have started nuclear fires which will incinerate the world.

Think of it, the assemblage of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin, which produced a generation of Cold War on the nuclear edge, the sum total of everything right and left in this world diplomacy, has been eradicated and producing an annihilation, all for an elite who have been plotting a return to Nimrod, without an end.

It is any wonder that the world being voided of all it's left right schisms, now gravitates to the only leader on the planet, they understand by instinct is not carrying out a mass genocide of billions, in Vladimir Putin.

I thank God, He had me on the side of good, in standing from the start, against all the Obama evil from it's source. For all I pray I never have to answer to in mistakes, that is one I am grateful for in I never bowed to Birther Hussein Obama.

The greatest destroyer of the 21st century, has brought forward the greatest counter to evil the world has experienced in Vladimir Putin. As the demonic evil which is the Obama regime is fading, and a new anti Christ force is going to emerge to deal with the Putin Force now being established.

Enjoy your Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. The New World Order was aborted by Birther Hussein Obama in the World of Disorder, there will not be a wait for The Next World Order, which is ordered to mass death.

That new order, as is clear today, is one of war, killing, chaos, hate and vengeance, negativity everywhere in the world where there is positivity. It's very much the history of the forty so years since Bush was Director of the CIA, and put much of those developments into motion starting with the 1991 US invasion of Iraq [Operation Desert Storm],"
F. William Engdahl