Friday, October 30, 2015

To the American Expatriot

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a note from the Holy Ghost to the American ex patriots.

You have left America to escape, but your financial gods and all of your debauchery in your arrogant self righteousness has been noted, and will not rescue you.

War, famine and death will follow you to your luxurious locations. Those things which you would have faced in reckoning in America, will find you, seek you out, and obliterate you. God will see to this.

You are the children of your father's sin and your mother's adultery, both are fornicators with the world.

Egypt is a polluted river and you are the product of it's septic flow. Babylon will discover you in your hiding places and there you will die. You will rot as strangers in a strange land. You will be betrayed by those foreigners who will barter your lives like hard slice of bread.

This will stand and a crumb of you will stagger back as a witness to the land. The reckoning is coming, both in and out. You are out and among strangers, you will meet judgment and perish.

I will hear not your words, nor your excuses. You are corpses in a dying world.

Nuff said.