Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Obama Oozing Bill O'Reilly


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that wife beater, Bill O'Reilly of FOX propaganda for Obama, has taken it upon himself to join Obama and Jeb Bush in killing off the Reagan legacy with fabrications, it is time to write the scenario, from Ronald Reagan's own people.

What O'Reilly is printing is the lie that Ronald Reagan was "out of it" and Iran Contra happened with Reagan's full knowledge, which is another lie. Let us review the facts in this as O'Reilly lies.

  • George H. W. Bush ran Iran Contra with Oliver North in the sub operational groups.
  • Jim Baker who is HW's intimate was Chief of Staff until January 1995, and was replaced by Don  Regan of Treasury who became Chief of Staff.
  • In 1995, Iran Contra took place, with Regan as Chief of Staff, Baker at Treasury and HW running Iran Contra.
  • Regan brought with him to the White House his loyalist from Treasury, who ran the Reagan White House into the abyss. Regan was fired, in order to be replaced by Howard Baker of the Senate.
  • Howard Baker who knew Ronald Reagan, bit hard on a series of memos from Regan loyalists who started spreading rumors that Ronald Reagan was senile and watching television all day, which was a lie.
  • Baker held a meeting to judge whether President Reagan was of sound mind or not, unbeknownst to President Reagan, and the President passed this test.
Now revisit this in a criminal sense.

Who won in the spreading of lies about Ronald Reagan?
Who would be President if Ronald Reagan was judged unfit?

The answer to both is George Herbert Walker Bush, the same Vice President who would have become President if Mr. Reagan had not survived the assassination attempt.

So you have Don Regan coming into the White House with is loyalists, and in that same year, Iran Contra goes full blown, all behind President Reagan's back. The Chief of Staff is the gatekeeper and knows all that is taking place in the White House, as most President's delegate authority to trusted underlings.
James Baker, the Bush insider was taken out of the loop and moved to Treasury, so no trail would follow to HW in this. All this intrigue took place, Regan was fired for it, and his people immediately retaliated, with the sole benefactor being George Herbert Walker Bush.

For those who think the Obama voter, working for Obama, in wife beater, Bill O'Reilly, just happened upon this smear of Ronald Reagan, when the Bush and Obama groups have been active in destroying the legacy of this Conservative America for a generation, fail to witness that the two central players in Iran Contra, in Don Regan and George H.W. Bush never had anyone looking at them for prosecution, and it all fell to Ronald Reagan and the Bush sub operatives to face the blame.

The defenders of Ronald Reagan, in his staff who were there, were told by President Reagan, that he had absolutely no idea over what had happened, that he was furious over the betrayal and he was going to get to the bottom of it. I believe their reports and observations, along with the historical record which exonerated President Reagan.

The depths of these cartel operatives know no generational bounds or time limits. They are still trying to destroy General George Custer and are still about spreading lies about President Ronald Reagan, to cover up the real criminals and traitors who were behind all of this.

If Regan had not been fired, he had been promised by HW the World Bank, and we know that James Baker ended up as Sec of State.

Perhaps image Obama is keeping Bill O'Reilly out of wife beater prison and working for the cartel at FOX, as part of the interest in trying to destroy the Reagan Legacy again.