Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Real Neo Con Story


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

While the world was distracted in semetic propaganda of the Neo Cons who were assisting George W. Bush blow up the greater Mideast, there was a group of Neo Cons in Chicago who were in stealth, learning, plotting and growing.......they took the defeats of William and Hillary Clinton and produced a strategy to overthrow America in "change we can believe in", to rectify the miscalculations which doomed the liberalism of Hillarycare.

These were the Neo CONglomerates in a feudal political movement which dwarfed the much warned of Military Industrial Complex.

Every last thing the Obama regime has been involved in, has been scripted for it. No one in the regime from the Birther, the image, Muchelle and Jarrett, has the intelligence to write the unread Obamacare or any of the executive orders which have been set in motion to genocide white and black Americans. The Whites will be neutralized due to economic policy in taxes and programs meant to reward the Latin invader, while the Blacks will be reduced by Planned Parenthood reduction centers and being replaced by these Latins.

It is all an interconnected web, a rather Bohemian Grove, "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here" line from Shakespeare.
It is interesting that a high wizard who oft attended the Grove, states he spotted Obama strolling around the facilities in 1993, and was informed this Designer Negro would one day be President. The magikman who is now a Catholic stated he did not believe the pronouncement, but that Obama was that person.
I place this here for the reality, that image Obama was planned already in 1993, over two decades ago......meaning all of the Neo Conglomerate structure is that old, as the cartel behind this learned from the Clinton Hillarycare mistakes.

What George Stevens AKA Stephanopoulos wrote in his All Too Human, was this. Hillarycare was derailed by Corporations, Insurance and Small Business joined to stop the Clintons. If you happen to take note, the Obama regime's benefactors by 2009 had neutralized all three and here is the proof:

71 Percent of Top Companies Could Drop Insurance Under Obamacare

71 Percent of Top Companies Could Drop Insurance Under Obamacare. By Matt Cover | May 3, 2012 | 5:34 PM EDT

Obamacare Could Be Worth More Than $90 Billion to the ...

Obamacare Could Be Worth More Than $90 Billion to the Insurance Industry Obamacare could be worth more than $90 billion to the insurance industry.

Chamber of Commerce Is 'Not Out Opposing Obamacare' - US News

How the Chamber of Commerce Learned to Stop Worrying and Live With Obamacare The group's president becomes the latest Republican in the ranks of acceptance.

While all of you thought that America was a place of political protections, legal elections and legitimate government, 2008 witnessed the reality of 10 million missing GOP voters who were flipped in e voting for Mr. Obama. This spread to the Al Franken theft of a US Senate seat in Minnesota for a super majority to pass the unread Obamacare, as naive Americans had no idea their own political system had been rigged against them, but the New Conglomerates, a commerce structure which was promised monopolies in everything from North Dakota oil, Buffett railroads, concentrated finance, to an over 7 trillion dollar bribe to Wall Street to inflate stock prices on these corporates in looting America.

These New Conglomerates learned in this web of the overthrow of America, that you employed power and greed against the powerful and greedy, by promising them absolute power and even more wealth to validate their small souls. Once neutralized, their scripts of social engineering appeared as "Obama policy" in a coordinated herding action against Americans, who were told by Rush Limbaugh to trust in the next elections, when elections are all rigged and meant to hold the sheep for brains in place to be genocided by their own system.........see if you resist the lies that America is free, then Homoland appears and arrests you.

This is the Neo Con story, as never told before in a Lame Cherry exclusive. Yes it is obvious now as you read it, and it seems like nothing, but it is your doom. These are the Socio Conglomerates which were exposed here, and none of you comprehended what I was posting, as it was not some thrilling gossip or something you could key on like Neo Cons when it was endlessly drilled into your heads about conservative Jews going over to George W. Bush from the communist side.

I conclude that when this exclusive sinks in, someone will write a book about this, and gain their moment of fame as their exclusive when it is the Lame Cherry again. The problem in all of this, is the Mockingbird has stuck all of you on the Alex Jones talking points wed to Matt Drudge's understanding, with the dinosaur Limbaugh telling your feeble brains horse and buggy conspiracies, when the real news is the Neo Conglomerates as only I have been posting about. You are focusing and fighting something that does not exist any more, and it is deliberate deception, and the few who comprehended what I did write, have not an audience to validate you, as the public has been so censored that the fringe media is not picking up these exclusives.

Perhaps this will be discovered by the masses before the end, and people will post thing about "Lame Cherry  really was brilliant and ahead of her time" as they eulogize me.

I doubt your chiming in then about having known this all along will get anything but a shrug and a frown, as people discovering forks and spoons like taking credit for inventions, as the Lame Cherry resides in the future.

Nuff said