Friday, October 16, 2015

The Smoking Triggerman

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking of people who are nuts. They are all around us and most of them are probably you.

I had an Aunt who went into this flashback orgasmic state telling us, "I miss my cigarettes and coffee in the morning". That might not sound like anything, but she was getting one hell of a mixed signal buzz like most people do in nicotine and caffeine combinations.

Then there are all these Obama triggermen popping up in black rage, when blacks never had that before Obama had control over BATF gun registration files and Facebook NSA kook files.

I would ask you though, what would you think if there was someone in the media, someone who guided a President, that was shaping policies for your life and the nuclear 3 AM call, announced that he .........

Well, or sickly the Lame Cherry in forensic psychological examination will translate what this liberal said, as they first admit to "dark spells" other liberals in this Administration had "dark spells".

Dark spells are translated into manic depression, a mania, which has no reason, but simply your little world is not working perfectly in this imperfect world, and the person goes into a funk.

So Dark Spell, he is throwing himself into the campaign, to change the world, and what this translates is, "I have validation issues, because I am this scrawny little guy", so Dark Spell, attaches himself to powerful white men....not black, Asian, latin or any other race, but white skinned liberal males who want to "change the world" and rescue all of the other misfits who are like Dark Spell.......who is guilty in having a pretty good lie going on in enjoying life.......looking first to serve God  and then instead moving to serve satan in the regimes of this world.

OK, so we recap this, we have Dark Spell who has the male form of "daddy issues" in his little self is not measuring up in the shower scenes at school, who focuses on this and becomes a manic depressive.

In the pressure cooker of politics at 1600 Penn Avenue though, you have something more going on in constant, continuous failures......and your being blamed for it all. You get demoted, go obsessive in doing more, get paranoid as to who is out to get you..........and then like Vince Foster's interesting note which was "found", this little guy happens to write in his memoirs an exact phrase that Foster supposedly wrote in a suicide note, "Before we came here, we thought of ourselves as good people", about himself.

I will focus on this aspect, in this person was the spin guru of the Clinton tenure at the White House, he formed talking points, and it does make one wonder just how is it, that two different people, one in a suicide note, and one in his memoirs, just happens to be saying an identical catch phrase of thinking themselves as good people before they came to Washington.
Coincidences do not take place, and there in the catharsis of All Too Human, George Stephanopoulos records a most bizarre linking event, which sounds a great deal like the "later found" Vince Foster suicide note, had a committee creation, and the person who created that verbiage of that note, was George Stevens AKA Stephanopoulos.

At this point Stephanopoulos, alerted former President Clinton that he was going to see a psychiatrist, and continued on seeing this female shrink.

None of the therapy did any service though to Stephanopoulos, as the emotionally challenged, manic depressive, obsessive compulsive paranoid, had once again started to develop a psychological facial rash, in which he had to grow a beard again to hide this condition, as Stephanopoulos did not like the person he was witnessing in the mirror.

It was 1995, and the run up to the 96 re election of Bill Clinton, and what had started in 1993 of "waking up" was now a condition where Stephanopoulos, was not sleeping at all. This type of adrenaline surging condition, coupled with lack of REM sleep, produces a compounded condition of paranoia, and at this point George Stephanopoulos was certifiably insane. His psychiatrist and the doctor he finally visited should be sued for malpractice and disbarred, as this man did not belong in the White House or on the streets.
Liberals still make cracks about President Richard Nixon talking to paintings, but the reality is Stephanopoulos was becoming a paranoid schizophrenic, as he kept hearing "sounds" which were not there.
It was fingernails across a blackboard or a fork scraped across a bone china plate. He would hear this for up to an hour a day, several times a day, reverberating in his brain.

*All Too Human
George Stephanopoulos
Reference Source Page 410

It became so pronounced it was vibrating his "torso" like one feels a guitar amplification turned up.

Stephanopoulos, tried to blink his way to sanity to make it stop, and then rub the back of his his hair was standing on end. He was out of control and could not control the symptoms.

In December, he visited the doctor his therapist suggested in "Dr. Hyde" which is creepy to the extreme, as Dick Morris called Stephanopoulos, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. Stephanopoulos using either a pseudonym of himself for the name of the doctor or being sent to one by that name is either schizoid or more of the manifestations of how unbalanced he was, as only Stephanopoulos could cure himself in his mind.

Dr. Hyde prescribed Zoloft, which was a serotonin re uptake inhibitor, which would stop the massive chemical dumps Stephanopoulos' body was producing in a vain attempt to deal with George Stephanopoulos.
The prescriptions helped as the fuel which was driving Stephanopoulos was cut off, so he was darted like a big elephant, and started to sleep.

Basically Stephanopoulos was tranquilized for the entire 96 campaign. He was made a functional sociopath, having daily contact with the most important people in the world.

In what would follow in this period, and after, there is "read between the line evidence" that George Stephanopoulos, was constantly being accused by chief White House adviser Dick Morris as the source for all of the stories in the press bringing Morris to ruin. Stephanopoulos would deny this time and again, but the references of Stephanopoulos having a double doing evil things, that even Dick Morris spoke of, brings a reality, that either Stephanopoulos was doing this in some type of psychotic trance, or he was deliberately feeding information to "underlings" who were then being used to destroy Dick Morris.......a man who was suffering from being cut off too, and eventually destroyed by the same press, as Dick Morris had enemies in the GOP and DNC.
The psychological point in this, points to Stephanopoulos could not "be a Vince Foster" in committing suicide, but he could politically assassinate his alter ego in Dick Morris.

Those are the questions concerning George Stephanopoulos in all of this, which are in bold print and are more than a coincidence in what kind of self induced Manchurian Candidate Stephanopoulos was. There are no coincidences, and Stephanopoulos speaking in Vince Foster suicide notes found after the fact like FBI files appearing on White House tables with Hillary Clinton fingerprints on them, definitely points to mysterious apparations taking place in the White House, of someone who had direct access to all and free run of the entire building.

None of this has changed in the news media, Stephanopoulos, as in the last stolen election of Barack Hussein Obama in 2012, he sadistically sat with Diane Sawyer, ABC Anchor, on election theft night, goading Romney voters that "perhaps Florida was still in play" for a Romney win. Everyone knew it was a lie, as one could witness it on Jake Tapper's face in his disgust in having to be a part of this charade. Tapper immediately left ABC after that incident, but it reveals in the giggling and methodical Stephanopoulos a sadistic reality, and a sociopathic nature of "payback" for some kind of "wrongs" he felt he was suffering and needed to retaliate on Romney voting Americans, in order to protect the Designer Negro, Birther Hussein in this ABC conspiracy with the rest of the media.
Stephanopoulos relished the torture of Romney voters, and that is a fact recorded on digital images.

All of this in another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, are realities and disturbing events, which should be investigated for the sake of public safety and to literally take one layer off the intrigue of what exactly was going on unknown to Bill and Hillary Clinton in their White House, in which people were dying and being destroyed who were their closest assets.
Stephanopoulos called Vince Foster, Clinton's Rock of Gibraltor, and Dick Morris was the most powerful man in the White House as a quasi chief of staff, until Mr. Morris who had displaced George Stephanopoulos was destroyed by leaked information, which came from government source creating a political assassination.

That is the case of George Stevens AKA Stephanopoulos, as intriguing as anything which ever caused a dark shadow on any American regime. The evidence points to a reality of, could George Stephanopoulos been the "Deep Throat" of the Clinton Presidency, causing a great deal of the strange occurrences, and moving through the mists as a little man unnoticed, but suspected of leaking and accused of it by Hillary Clinton and others.

This is a most important investigative news item. In all cases, there there is smoke, there is fire, and where there is coincidence, there is some form of guilt. In both cases, George Stephanopoulos is the smoking event, time and again.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.