Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Real Oil Industry


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What would your thinking be if one day you came home and noticed someone had laid a pipeline under your lawn, built a structure on your lawn, and over the next few years as you complained, the same people were on your neighbor's lawn spraying herbicides which were running off onto your lawn killing it, and big sink holes were opening up in your lawn, and every time you tried to mow your grass, you were hitting ruts and rocks that had been dug up which was smashing your lawnmower?

Does this sound like a great deal or a nightmare?

The Lame Cherry has been the lone major media outlet exposing the horror of the North Dakota oil boom. I am completely in favor of fracking and oil production, but what this Buffett, Wall Street and Big Frac have been engaged in, has been criminal in what landowners in North Dakota have dealt with.

The above scenario about your lawn, took place with Dennis Johnsrud, a farmer in the Williston area. He woke up one day and found a pig launcher in the middle of his field. For those who do not know what a pig launcher is, it is an above ground connection point in pipelines to which a swab can be inserted and then pulled out to clean the pipe at another pig launcher location.
Johnsrud had not given any permission for this to be located in his field, and he later found out the oil industry had a maxim of, "It is better to apologize than to ask for permission".

This is important as we all hear of the Keystone XL pipeline which is going to cross the last great aquifer in the world in the Ogalallah. In numerous instances, Johnsrud and other farmers had these pipeline layers leave rocks in the field, leave trenches in the field and all of this was destroying equipment.
Johnsrud spent 7000 dollars on fuel in just trying to get these trenches level so he could farm his own land.

The apologists for the oil industry in North Dakota propagandize that this is not a common event, but people in Western North Dakota and Montana are suffering the same criminal assaults on their property.

Montana is deemed worse than even North Dakota in having in 2015, 66 oil spills and 8 oil related fires, with four months yet to go in that state. If it is no some well blowing out and spilling 500 gallons of crude oil which is soaking up into the soil and the groundwater, it is some damned price gouging of people.

Care to take a guess what it costs to rent a motel room for one night in Williston North Dakota?

200 dollars.

That is 60,000 dollars a month rent for one room and a shitter. You could live in New York for that!!!

That is the real oil industry. They come in, con people out of their mineral rights, pay off the state in pennies per dollars for all that oil, run over people, destroy roads, demand more roads, to which the state complies.......spill all over the landscape, trespass on landowners, bring in the damnedest riff raff and criminal elements, and then take the money and run.
While the new oil whores in politics can not spend enough money on new projects like recreation centers, housing, allowing sub standard work camps to exist, new roads and of course what is most important, new government buildings.

Nothing about new hospitals, new equipment for schools, protection for wildlife or people, but just allot of eminent domain creating a disaster in these rural areas in the same way Ohio and Pennsylvania were ruined by Big Iron.

North Dakota finally created an complaint department, and to that these scoundrels in Big Frac were made to deal with the people they were assaulting in "fixing" things, after years of all of this going on.

As a sidenote in this, you may have heard Dutch Royal Shell Oil stopped drilling in the Arctic and the pipelines there are not running full. Do not believe the spin on that, as Alaska has 4 times the oil of Saudi Arabia, but the oil companies are not pumping it out, in favor of Big Frac and the concern about driving oil prices lower.
As for Dutch Royal Shell.......they stated that there was more oil in their tract than 3 Gulf of Mexicos. They stopped drilling because oil prices are low, and for the greater reason, when China invades Alaska in the coming years, the cartel was not going to allow them to pump the area dry until they were driven out.

End sidenote.

You are never going to hear any of these facts about the criminals in the oil industry, because it is all about money in the cartel shutting down the facts of the disasters these companies are as they nation rape America for Wall Street.

Everyone of those wells leaks. Every transport spills and every pipeline ruptures. In trillions of profit for the oil industry, it is odd that only Greenpeace gives a damn about ocean spills....sometimes, and nothing is ever said when it is their Buffett Soros financiers destroying the lives of Americans.

So you get this.....there is a little thing called the Missouri River flowing through that region. Obama used it as a weapon to flood out Republican states in his wild raging rivers policy. All that oil is eventually going to end up in that massive river, which flows into the Mississippi, and it is going to pollute all of the states it runs through too.

This is not about America needing oil. It is not about an industry which can not police itself. It is about license instead in the elite raping another part of America for profit as their environmentalists are paid to shut up and make no issue of any of this as the genocide is aimed at Americans, not gulls.

Nuff said.

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“You wouldn’t believe the number of pipelines through here,” Nelson tells visitors, pointing out a nearby area that includes some of his land. “In about a mile and three quarters, they ran 87 pipelines and they only knew about 50 of them. Many of them were abandoned.”